Yulia Shilova lost wife

Юлия Шилова потеряла супруга She reported the loss to the social network. Shilov was married to a foreigner Bo, with whom he found true happiness. Subscribers leave words of condolence in the comments to the post Julia.
Юлия Шилова потеряла супруга

Famous mystery writer Julia Shilova has told fans the tragic news. The husband of the writer died because of the loose clot. Her friends are shocked by the news and leave comments, words of support.

“Night stopped the heart of my beloved. Bitter, scared, hurt. Why you? Why so early? Now I have to take monstrous the tragedy and learn to live in the new circumstances, prepared to me by fate. You the Kingdom of heaven and eternal memory! May God bless his soul with peace!” – a record left Julia on the personal page in a social network.

The woman chose not to devote subscribers to event details. “Each of us has the right to a private life. Let me go through this grief alone. Take care, live, and keep close to you,” added Julia.

Shilov was married three times. Only the last spouse, the alien Bo that made her truly happy. As he told Julia, she dreamed to meet such a choice. Prior to that, the personal life of women is not the best way.

By the way, the year has started for a writer with a succession of troubles. Shilova had a rest abroad in Cuba and ended up in the hospital on the eve of the holiday, as she was bitten by some insect. “Don’t open the doors at night, their terraces and balconies. Better sleep under the air conditioner. There are found some poisonous gnats, which bite can be very hard to pay health. May this be the unpleasant incident that happened to me in the new year”, – said the author of dozens of bestsellers.

Verify that the first husband of the writer Oleg, with whom she had one daughter, lolita, was killed during a firefight. Julia recalled that they lost the business of her husband, sold a two-bedroom apartment and was forced to flee from Vladivostok to Moscow. Shilova have experienced severe depression. Acquainted with a new man, Igor, she tried to forget about previous relationships. The woman quickly signed with him, but soon realized that they were completely different people. Julia claimed that kicked him out a few months after the birth of her daughter Zlata. Several years later, Igor was deprived of parental rights.

With the third spouse Bo a woman I met at a birthday party with friends in Montenegro. Shilov called the fatal marriage, so she and her husband even got married. While Julia prefers to remain silent and not to discuss the tragedy with her husband.

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