Владимир Стеклов развелся с третьей женой The actor, who recently celebrated the anniversary, shared the details of his personal life. Vladimir Steklov has told about the breakup with the mother of his youngest daughter Glafira. As it turned out, the man separated with his wife three years ago.
Владимир Стеклов развелся с третьей женой

January 3, people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Steklov noted the anniversary. The star of theatre and film is 70 years old. Reporters learned from the actor about how he celebrated an important date. As told Vladimir, relatives prepared him gorgeous gift. Daughter celebrity Agrippina Steklov and her husband Vladimir Bolshov rented the restaurant for a fun skit and Banquet in honor of Steklov. He was pleasantly surprised by the attention from relatives.

Conversing with correspondents, Vladimir admitted that he split up with third wife Olga, the mother of his youngest daughter Glafira. For several years, the actor chose not to share details of his personal life. That glass has terminated his marriage with the dentist, became known only now.

“We are already divorced. And three years ago. It happened… Yes, not everyone turns whole life with one person stepping. With Lyudmila, my first wife and the mother of Agrippina, we studied together at the Astrakhan theatre Institute. Now we have a great relationship, though, and fled as a result. With his second wife Sasha Zakharova and Olga, the third, also had to leave,” shared the actor.

Vladimir does not exclude that again will decide to tie the knot. “I will not say that I am in active search, but at any age I want to be happy and loved. And if I feel I’m around my man, why not get married!” – says the artist.

In recognition Steklov, separation from wives has given him uneasy. Every divorce, the actor compares with the tragedy.

“This life stage, pain on the living, especially when there are children. I don’t want to think about age, I’m young at heart. Even in 90 years to fall in love and sparkle, and 19 – to be “old” and boring, when, in addition to grief and sadness, you have nothing,” said Vladimir.

Daughter of Vladimir Steklov and his third wife Olga is going to become a journalist. Glafira receive higher education at MSU and plans to work in television. The famous father always tries to help her. The girl was an Intern on the channel “Culture”, and then in the program “live”.

Journalists suggest that glass could have an affair with 29-year-old Renata Burkina the actress of the Moscow contemporary art theater, which is headed by an artist. The girl was joined by the master, when he gave an interview with “Express newspaper”. According to the observations of correspondents, Vladimir gently looked at Renata.