Yulia Savicheva is planning a triumphant return to the stage

Юлия Савичева планирует триумфальное возвращение на сцену The actress recently became a mother. Savicheva decided to return to the stage with a new song. In his microblog Julia told about the plans for the future and announced that he’s leaving Maxim Fadeev.

Yulia Savicheva on stage for almost 15 years. Singer hand in hand all these years was with his mentor and producer Maxim Fadeev. This summer, the actress first became a mother. For some time, Julia had not appeared on the scene, lived abroad, however, has recently been presented to the public a new song and announced plans for the future.

“I have long prepared for this major step. My return to the scene for me is incredibly important, because the stage is my second life. For me has always been an important scene, my listeners, the audience. Even when I realized my biggest dream, and I became a mother, I didn’t think that my work may stop.

At that time I had enough time to think whether I would be able to exist without him? Now I understand that any such thoughts and words seem insignificant when I see how I waited for my listeners. One day, a man gave me another life. And that’s life on the stage. Max, I’m happy to say thank you. Thanks again. Once you fulfilled the dream that I lived with since childhood. My song is called “fear Not.” Because now I’m really not afraid of anything. And every step I make safely. And I want to tell everyone – don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to give someone your love,” Julia shared with fans.

Fadeev, in turn, admitted Savicheva in love. The composer thanked the singer for years in cooperation with her.

“I have often said that Julia is my unique artist. Since you were a child and to this day forward, I will support you all the way! I’m so glad you’re back in our musical family, that don’t have the words to Express it! Julia, I love you!” – thanked the producer.

Recall, Julia was loved by the audience since “American idol”. All Savicheva songs instantly became hits. The actress is happily married to composer Alexander by Arshinova. It is worth noting that the performer in a short time recovered and is performing on some of the events. Now, however, her fees for concerts has increased significantly.