“Rise again for you, and not once”: a vivid life, cult movies and heavy losses by Eldar Ryazanov

«Воскресну для тебя, и не однажды»: яркая жизнь, культовые фильмы и тяжелые потери Эльдара Рязанова On 18 November, the famed Director would have turned 90 years old. “StarHit” gathered the most interesting facts from the biography of Eldar Ryazanov. Creator of dozens of films, won the people’s love, always openly talked about the difficulties, do not hesitate to possible condemnation of fans.
«Воскресну для тебя, и не однажды»: яркая жизнь, культовые фильмы и тяжелые потери Эльдара Рязанова

The famous Soviet film Director Eldar Ryazanov became famous at the age of 29 years when he released iconic film “carnival night”. In the following half century he was considered to be the main filmmaker of the country, which successfully experimented with genres. Master easily beat even complex social issues, which were partially censored.

To work with Ryazanov wanted all the actors in the USSR, but he always gave the role of charismatic long-time friends, among whom was Andrey Myagkov, Yuriy Yakovlev, Lyudmila Gurchenko.

The birthday of the famous Soviet Director “StarHit” bright recalls events from the biography of the Eldar.


The future Director was born in the city of Samara, where his family soon moved to Moscow. When Ryazanov was little, he dreamed of becoming a writer. His love of writing is reflected in the other: he is the author of numerous scripts for their films.

In the mid 40-ies he became a student of VGIK. Students Eldar always remembered with a smile, because it is in the film Institute he met many friends.

Becoming the guest of the program “life Line”, the Director spoke about one of the memorable episodes of his youth.

“The first of September we came to the Institute in beautiful costumes. This was basically my first real suit. And the first lecture was on the subject of Military Affairs. Then our military leader by the name of Matzkin led us from the audience on the street. It was raining, and he ordered us to lie down and crawl. So I spent my first acquaintance with Cinematography,” said Ryazanov.
«Воскресну для тебя, и не однажды»: яркая жизнь, культовые фильмы и тяжелые потери Эльдара Рязанова

His diploma picture entitled “They study in Moscow” has received high marks. But the real success came to the Director after six years, when he removed the “Carnival night”.

The Director never hid their flaws from the public. On the contrary, he openly talked about them, making it more open in the eyes of the audience. So, for years Eldar could not get rid of the habit to be late. However, on the set of “Carnival night”, an incident occurred that forced the Director to get serious about your work.

Favorite actress Eldar Ryazanov

“I was late to the set for an hour. Went to the pavilion and I was there waiting for about three hundred people. And here I go past the extras, lighting, Gurchenko, and they say nothing. Only judgmental look. That was the day I got rid of a bad habit to be late, and your actors in the future, for it severely punished”, – shared memories of activist cinema in one of the shows.

Among the most notable works of the Director “hussar ballad”, “Office romance”, “Garage”, “Irony of fate or with light steam!”. Besides, Ryazanov, appeared in a small cameo and the scenes in your own films. The audience always waited eagerly for such surprises.

«Воскресну для тебя, и не однажды»: яркая жизнь, культовые фильмы и тяжелые потери Эльдара Рязанова

The Director worked actively until the early 2000s. during this period, the Director began to complain of health. Despite health problems, Ryazanov a few years actively communicated with fans, and appeared on a variety of social events.

In his autobiography, “the Sad face of Comedy, or at last summed up” the Eldar spoke about his health.

“It is only in the songs they sing: “not Yet!”. I assure you, the evening, and quite late. It’s time to wrap this up, it’s time to stop their activity in the movie. I still rarely feel old. But still enough to ruffle, it’s time to know and honor”, – he wrote.
«Воскресну для тебя, и не однажды»: яркая жизнь, культовые фильмы и тяжелые потери Эльдара Рязанова


Eldar Ryazanov was married three times. With the first wife Zoya Fomina he met while training at the Institute. The young woman is supported throughout her husband for twenty years. They had a daughter, Olga, but the appearance of the child did not save their marriage.

After 20 years of marriage, the Eldar fell in love with the Nina Skuybina. Their romance was whispering all the “Mosfilm”, and soon the Director is already gone from first wife to marry the main woman that changed his life.

Ryazanov never hid the fact that Nina was his Muse. In his autobiography, he briefly and succinctly describe their relationship.

“Ninoy was a hard but a happy love. When she died, it seemed to me – life is over”, – shared his emotions Director.
«Воскресну для тебя, и не однажды»: яркая жизнь, культовые фильмы и тяжелые потери Эльдара Рязанова

Nina Skuybina died in 1994 after a long battle with cancer. Then Eldar was heartbroken. To cope with the tragedy he helped only a new feeling.

In 1995, he married Emma Abaidullina. The Director and his fiancee had known each other since the late 80s, but for several years they were connected only friendship. Later, Ryazanov said that the third wife saved him, and helped him to survive.

“Of course, no one expected me to throw a trick – right to marry another. But Emma just saved me. She gave me a new life,” explained Ryazanov in his autobiography.
«Воскресну для тебя, и не однажды»: яркая жизнь, культовые фильмы и тяжелые потери Эльдара Рязанова

Exactly Emma Guseva cared for the Director in the last years of his life. While the man painfully fought with death, the wife supported him and gave hope for a brighter future.


The last five years of his life Eldar Ryazanov fought hard with the disease. In 2010 and 2011, he underwent a serious heart surgery. Afterwards the Director repeatedly hospitalized. In 2014 he suffered an acute violation of cerebral circulation, and after a few months the man was caught a heart attack.

“Since you started hospitalization, we began to communicate more with all his relatives – it is a pity that approached only on such a sad occasion,” recalled Dmitry Troyanovsky, the grandson of the filmmaker.

He died on the night of 30 November 2015, and December 3, was buried at the Novodevichy cemetery.

The only grandson of Eldar Ryazanov: “Grandpa, I’ll miss you…”

Many fans were convinced that the health Director was undermined by the experiences, because he had to bid farewell to many friends. In 2011, died Ryazanov favorite actress Lyudmila Gurchenko.

Two years later, has left the life of a close friend of the Director, the actor Yuri Yakovlev. There were rumors that Ryazanov few days did not report the tragedy, as feared for his well-being. In a cruel twist of fate, a colleague died in a single day, November 30, with a difference in two years.

Now the film continue to remain immortal classics. In memory of Ryazanov was named two streets in Moscow and Samara, respectively. In October 2017 in the birthplace of the Eldar had established a personal monument.

Even during the filming of the “irony of fate or With light steam!” Ryazanov began to write poetry. one of his poetic works included in the collection 1998 release, fans believe prophetic. In it, Eldar talked about the meaning of life and death.

“In the old Park of the hospital building,

simple brick housing…

What a pity that I did not study and pray,

and bitter that I don’t believe in miracles.

And the window of my chamber fall,

the foliage of the deceased soon to be in the snow.

I’m all in confusion, not concentrated,

make the unfairness of can’t.

What am I up to the fate of the people,

where to go and what finish century?

Die righteous nature,

how bad a person dies.

I leave this here and disappear…

Goodbye, smells and voices

colors and sounds, dear person

brick simple case”.