Юлия Пересильд корит себя за подлость по отношению к дочерям The actress admitted that watching children. With this aim, Yulia Peresild installed on a mobile phone a special application that allows you to remotely monitor daughters. The star noted that she has a very ambiguous attitude to this program.
Юлия Пересильд корит себя за подлость по отношению к дочерям

Actress Julia Peresild raising daughters Anna and Mary. Initially, the star chose to hide the girls, but now the heirs of the artist and Director Alexey Uchitel to appear frequently in the light with their parents. Julia recently gave an interview in which she explained the reasons for his action, and shared views on the education of children.

According to Peresild, Anna and Mary had expressed a desire to go on the red carpet. The actress finds foolish to deny children in their request.

“Yes, it turns out that the new rules dictate to us children, they become the center, added the star. – We recently had an argument with Anya, she lit up ballroom dancing, and I was against it. For me, this world is connected with narcissism. But Anya managed to convince me, and I see how happy she is now doing her hair before class, follow the schedule and are immersed in the problems of ballroom dancing”.

Julia also admitted that her eldest daughter Anna, the main fashionista in the family. Even if we are talking about a simple hike with friends to the movies, girl long to choose an outfit. So the family constantly have to wait Anna. She Peresild relaxed view of things and cosmetics. According to star, she’s going faster heiresses.

Reporters asked Julia if she was ready for the fact that her children will someday grow up and go into adulthood. The actress admitted that does not limit the freedom of their daughters. Every time the star has to go to measures of increased control, it feels awkward.

“Like many parents, my phone has an app that shows where is my child. I understand that nowadays it is a necessary condition for security and there are advantages, but something vile in all W e felt. Because children have a right to a private life. This is such a strange lack of freedom, dictated by the concern, – said Julia. But I’m not good at this, sometimes I put on my phone this function, and then re-install”.

Peresild added that she herself would be uncomfortable if her someone was following. Even if we are talking about parents. Therefore, the star is very ambiguously refers to the application that allows you to remotely monitor children.

By the way, recently Julia has tried himself as a Director. The actress put the “Kashtanka” in the Pskov drama theatre. According to star, she refused from the fee. The premiere was attended by Alexey Uchitel, the father of the children Peresild. The Director gave Julia some professional advice.

“Alexei told me it is the right word. That is a very tempting story, and usually the person who gets in the way of directing, he never returns to his former profession. Good that he is articulate, for me it was a proper cold shower. I think that now I will not put” – shared Peresild with the publication of “7 days”.