Колин Фаррелл попал в больницу
The actor is afraid that will not cope with the problem.

Colin Farrell


41-year-old Colin Farrell was
forced to go to the clinic. Representatives of medical institutions,
located in Wickenberg (AZ) specializing in the treatment of
drug and alcohol dependency, confirmed that it was not a forced
hospitalization: the actor became a patient on my own.

The doctors said that Colin wasn’t drinking and started to take
drugs, but felt that he was already on the verge of collapse. As Farrell says himself, the last time he worked very hard, having to appear in three films in a row. “Usually
can keep yourself together, and quite long. But if I’m really tired, in
some point, my “brake” deny…” — said recently the actor.

The Farrell already has a sad experience: in the recent past he has abused not only alcohol, but also
analgesic tablets, which he originally ordered from back pain
after a trauma. In 2005, the actor felt completely lost on yourself
control and went to the clinic. The course of treatment was
successful: the next 12 years he kept an absolute
sobriety — at least, so he argued Farrell.

The only thing he had to regret
the last time — is that during his addiction he had, as
admitted Colin, “hurt many people”., and now it is very difficult it
fix. Although Colin did not mention any specific names of the offended, there is reason
to believe that we are talking about his former fiancee — singer Amelia Warner (he
left in 2001) and her friend Kim Bordenave,
who bore him in 2003, senior
son James, suffering from developmental delay.