Юлию Пересильд не слишком радует отражение в зеркале
The actress refers to her appearance with skepticism.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

“Sometimes I look at myself and think, “Well, not really.” But this to “Oh, how lovely!”, it is never confessed Yulia Peresild. — By the way, in my childhood spent in front of the mirror leaf polished wardrobe for five or six hours. Not to admire myself: I sang, read poems or danced like a ballerina, for the imaginary spectators. The funny thing is that on the eve of graduation, I decided to rehearse in front of a mirror incendiary dance. Jumped, landed badly and broke a toe! The doctor decided not to go, just tightly pulled bandage. The evening was so fun, that even did not feel pain.”

Unlike other Actresses, just addicted to a healthy lifestyle, Julia refers to your diet safely. Loves starchy and sweet, on vacation allows himself to relax. But recently Peresild urgently needed to slim down for her role in the film by Pavel Chukhray “Baltic tango” (the action takes place immediately after the war, and her character needs to be thin). For three months, the actress dropped twelve pounds. “Gave up meat and dairy products, eating only vegetables and fish. But the portions are not limited: eat all you want. On this diet I lost up to 52 pounds. It seems to be not so much, but in face and figure was evident. By the way, to give up meat for me was easy. That does not make for interesting role! Dairy was a bit more difficult, but agreed with the body. But sweet is continued. Very fond of sugar, honey, candy… And flour could not refuse. I respect nutritionists and people who lead a healthy lifestyle, but your body will trust. And if he asks some Frank stuff like chips or fast food, eat this delicious stuff. Of course, not every day, reasonable restrictions still include! But I think periodically you need to relax and let go of the reins. And the main thing — to find the most comfortable for your body way to lose weight”.

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