Юлия Михалкова отказалась от крещенского купания
The star of “Ural dumplings” told why changed long-standing traditions.

Yulia Mikhalkov

The star of the show “Ural dumplings” Julia
Mikhalkov with great respect for the Orthodox tradition.
The actress tries not to miss a major holiday service. Six years
ago she first plunged into the baptismal font. Since this ritual
Julia became an annual event. In the past the baptism of the ode even with their hands
cut out the Jordan lake near Yekaterinburg. However, this year
the actress has decided to abandon a long tradition.

this year, unfortunately, I’ll miss the Christmas swim. Doctors
recommended to do this. Health, thank God, all right.
Just decided not to risk it. Doctors need to listen! But
be sure to go to the hole with my guys, I will support them
morally, serve hot tea and towels,” — said Julia Mikhalkov.

new year’s eve star Comedy show has puzzled its fans,
put in social networks photo with very rounded belly. But
any comments about my possible pregnancy
the actress categorically does not. What really was the cause of her
refusal Epiphany bathing this year: a recent cold or
really interesting Julia, is the only