Around Romana Selena Gomez rage serious passions

Вокруг романа Селены Гомес бушуют нешуточные страсти
All turned against the singer because of her new boyfriend.

Вокруг романа Селены Гомес бушуют нешуточные страсти

Selena Gomez


The Weeknd


About the novel 24-year-old Selena
Gomez and 26-year-old Abel, Tesfai,
acting under the pseudonym The Weeknd, has become known recently, but he already started
a stormy debate. This was announced by the Internet site

After learning about the new Roman Gomez,
Justin Bieber, which in the past bound and Selena long and very complicated
love relationship, he hastened to the
sarcastic tone to speak about the new love in his ex-girlfriend. “Don’t take
seriously, it’s just “fake”. Selena just uses Abel for
self-promotion, as it has always done with me and with their former
guys — Nick Jonas and Zedd and the other…” he said.

But most of all new
love story Selena angered former girlfriend Tesfay — a successful young model, Bella Hadid. When
last fall, Abel suddenly threw Bella
she tried to understand what was the cause of his sudden
solutions. And only now, when Gomez and Tesfay started Dating openly and
there were rumors that a secret relationship and Selena and Abel was born a couple of months
ago, Hadid came to the conclusion that Abel abandoned her because of Gomez, which Bella
sincerely believed his good friend. And now she interrupted with Selena all sorts
contacts and tells everyone how much pain I caused her Gomez. And calls all his friends to boycott the “home wrecker”.

As for Selena,
she tries not to pay attention to all this criticism. “I’m as happy as
never!” — said the singer. And said that she is so in love with Abel,
she plans to go with him in a concert tour that will begin in February.
Moreover, it does not seek to perform with him on stage, and just wants to be all
time close to your loved ones.