Yulia Peresild caught by Alexei Uchitel

Юлию Пересильд застали с Алексеем Учителем The actress and Director was returning from the supermarket with shopping. About a possible affair Yulia Peresild Alexey Uchitel started talking quite a long time. However, the pair never appeared together at events. The star of the movie “Battle for Sevastopol” has two daughters and never mentioned the name of the father.

      Юлию Пересильд застали с Алексеем Учителем

      Famous actress Julia Peresild, carefully trying to hide his personal life from prying eyes. The artist alone has two daughters – seven year-old Anna and four year old Mary. However, it still remains a mystery, who is the father of the girls.

      Recently, reporters suspected that Yulia Peresild a very warm relationship with a famous Director Alexei Uchitel. Saw them together near the entrance where there lives the artist. Despite the fact that they appeared on the doorstep, the couple did not allow himself any feelings – they shook hands, hugged and not kissed. However, in the hands of Alexei were shopping bags from a store nearby.

      A long time ago there was talk about possible romantic feelings between a young actress and an exemplary family man. However, the rumors have not been confirmed – the alleged lovebirds appeared together in public and made no hints that connects them something more than companionship.

      Alexei Uchitel more than 30 years of living in marriage with his wife Kira Saksaganskaya and has two sons. The youngest child Elijah decided to follow the example of their famous parents. The young man graduated from the directing Department of VGIK. Teachers and Saksaganskogo connected not only marriage, but also collaboration. In the film “the Rock” Director is the chair of General Director, and his wife is the producer.

      Some time ago Julia was attributed an affair with a movie star Yevgeny Tsyganov, who left his civilian wife and seven children. However, as it turned out, the actor left his lover not to Peresild, and the other celebrity – Yulia Snigir, which soon gave loving actor son.

      According to the publication Life.ru sometimes Peresild and Teachers saw in the supermarket near her house. However, for shopping they went early in the morning, not to catch the eye of many people.