Dana Borisov did not recognize in the form of a fatal ladies

Дану Борисову не узнали в образе роковой дамы Known leading has published an intriguing photo. Dana Borisova literally shocked followers in social networks a new picture, which from blonde romantic young lady she turned into a black-haired beauty.

      Dana Borisova is not one of those stars that often change the image. However, she sometimes wants to make experiment with their own appearance. TV presenter decided not to delay the transformation.

      Star has published an intriguing photo in which she appeared in the form of a burning brunette. New hair color was so unusual for fans of This that they hardly recognized her in the photo. In the microblog Borisova immediately, a discussion, whether it is real hair or a wig. In addition, the followers were never able to determine in which way the star they like the most.

      “Yes take that wig already”, “blonde hair give freshness and youth, and the dark light ages”, “Dark emphasize the beauty”, “Absolutely not yours, Dana. No wig and color it or make-up”, “Dana, you do it yourself make-up applied, I think, will be much better”, “I Hope it’s just a joke”, “Dana, what have you done? Changed curls white on dark stuff.” “Come back to us beautiful, young blonde,” “the Dark color also works,” he began to argue with each other fans of a celebrity.

      It is possible that the change in appearance of the presenter can be associated with her novel. May Dana decided to hit the new image of their beloved man Alexander Morozov. Borisov is already a few months Dating a 41-year-old producer and captain of the hockey team “mosquito”.

      Apparently, This choice also loves to present the star surprises. For example, recently Morozov did Borisova luxurious gift. Alexander presented a celebrity luxury car brand Volvo worth about five million rubles. Presenter was left in awe from the surprise. She travels through the streets of the capital on the new iron horse, which she feels very comfortable.

      Dana Borisova chose the fate of the girlfriend of a hockey player

      “The year was very difficult for me. I don’t want to think about death, divorce… to Me, Sasha is good, nice, and his actions today — very happy, because this was not me a thousand years. As he explained to me, after three months of Dating,” shared Dana Borisova with “StarHit”.