Юлия Пересильд вступила в борьбу с аферистом, «укравшим» её имя
The actress has learned that a stranger talked to her friends.

Yulia Peresild

Photo: @juliaperesild Instagram Yulia Peresild

Yulia Peresild has declared war on scams using their own as much as her name. As it turned out, the actress recently learned that a cheater is communicating on her behalf with family and to her people. The artist asked several times to administration of social networks to remove “fake” page, but until recently it failed to convince everyone that she is “real” Peresild.

“There is no way to prove to Instagram that I’m me. Funny. Started Instagram not so long ago , before there was already a page @j.peresild. Guys! It’s not mine! I blocked it and it scares me that they write do not know. This page is not have to do with me! To close it, but it has become me to polypragmaty! So if any of you signed up – run from there — can’t vouch for the honesty and truthfulness of information!” warned Julia. Incidentally, in the friends “fake” account listed as many as 86 thousand subscribers! But in the real microblog Peresild there are about 125 thousand.

However, probably, even if Yulia will be able to restore justice, it is unlikely that history will not repeat itself again. When an artist achieves a certain level it gets “wannabes” that wish, at least in the virtual world to feel the “skin” of his idol.