Fans pray for the health of children of Anton Makarsky

Фанаты молятся за здоровье детей Антона Макарского
Actor’s wife asked for help from their fans.

Anton and Victoria Makarska with children Vanya and Masha

Photo: @Instagram makarskie Anton and Victoria Makarska

Victoria Makarska left in social networks a cry for help: she asked her subscribers to pray for the health of her children. As it became known, the actress and her two year old son John and four-year-old daughter Mary became ill on the eve of a severe form of angina.

“Family, please pray for me (R. B Alexander was baptized), my sister (baptized Kallista R. B), Masha and Vanya! Sore throat…” — said the celebrity couple. Fans upset with the news of the illness of the young Vanya and Masha. In the comments to this entry they wished the family can Enjoy very good health.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Victoria was told that we went with the children to Gremyacha Key under Sergiev Posad. Water from the local keys is considered curative. “Did not want to leave! Soul, heart and body was filled with unspeakable joy and indescribable Grace, which is on the school curriculum we studied. Soon, scientists took the analysis of water from these sources, and the composition of the water when a shooter has a number of keys was really different and treatment at the appropriate medical options, as they say among the people, “From kidney”, “heart”, etc… Sources, these are scored out of a mountain in the 13th century, through the prayers of St. Sergius of Radonezh, for healing of soul and body!”.