Yulia Peresild admitted, why not be married to Alexei Uchitel

Юлия Пересильд призналась, почему не выходит замуж за Алексея Учителя The actress has two daughters from Director. Yulia Peresild has admitted that many of her friends failed to save a relationship after official registration. Despite the absence of a stamp in the passport, the woman feels happy.
Юлия Пересильд призналась, почему не выходит замуж за Алексея Учителя

About a year ago, Julia Peresild, and Alexey Uchitel officially confirmed their relationship. Despite the fact that the actress gave birth to the Director’s two daughters, the couple is in no hurry to consummate the Union of the stamps in the passports.

Long time fans believed that the Teacher wishes to register the relationship with the beloved after the recent divorce from his first wife who was dumped for Peresild. However the woman said that the matter is not in it. According to the star, she was disappointed by the bitter experience of friends.

“I have so many friends that have been in the registry office, was in the veil, in white dresses. Every time it is very beautiful, but fortunately irrelevant. Well, it did not work out for me at the naive age with this, and now, of course, in addition to humor and life experiences of their friends and memories I have nothing left. Maybe someday my attitude will change. View. Life is a long, different, unexpected,” – said Julia.

By the way, is still unknown did the Director of the divorce with his wife Kira Saksaganskaya, from which he has a 26-year-old son Egor. However, this issue seems not to care about Julia. Now movie star manages not only to build a successful career, but spending time with daughters – nine-year-old Anna and six-year-old Maria.

“Sometimes you want to include direct mother and I do, but I’m more pleased when the kids are not afraid to show their emotions when they’re nonimate, nasilovat as much as you want. When they are not afraid. We have such a Gypsy family: we can yell, swear. But when I start to cry, very often the response is laughter” – shared the actress.

With such talented parents, girls will want to build a career in the movies. However Peresild does not want to think about it. According to star, she has no plans to drive daughters in some kind of framework, imposing their creative profession. Julia did not specifically choose for Anna Maria, a prestigious school because on the first place puts the status of the institution, and the circle, which should form the heirs.

Talking with OK Magazine Peresild said he did not consider himself the perfect mom or the incredibly beautiful actress. However, the star manages to skillfully use their appearance and character to achieve personal and professional goals.