Elena Sparrow sues deceived her realtor

Елена Воробей подает в суд на обманувшего ее риелтора The actress openly spoke about the machinations of the Spanish real estate agent. Elena Sparrow learned that the victims of a realtor are many owners of mansions on the coast of the Mediterranean sea.
Елена Воробей подает в суд на обманувшего ее риелтора

House on the beach in European country is the dream of millions. However, for Elena Sparrow cherished desire has had serious trouble. According to 51-year-old actress, she had to deal with unscrupulous real estate agent. Yulia Galkina, engaged in real estate business in the resort town of Costa Brava, according to Sparrow, deceived many property owners.

Elena Sparrow has become a victim of fraud in Spain

Elena said “StarHit” that he was shocked by how blatantly Julia Galkina lied to her and the rest of the homeowners.

“I come to your house only twice a year: for a week in winter and three weeks in the summer. And recently discovered that the house is mud, other people’s hygiene products, bottles. Immediately began to ask Galkina, what’s going on, standing there sounding the alarm. She was looking me in the face, says Yes. In the end, we went to the security organization, where he revealed that the house is removed from the alarm system two months ago. She let go of others people, and taking money from them for rent, and I then bill came up for electricity for 1000 Euro. I ran in a panic, appealed to the Spanish public service, trying to explain what can’t be such accounts. Now everything fell into place,” admitted Elena.
Елена Воробей подает в суд на обманувшего ее риелтора

According to the artist, she’s not the only one who suffered at the hands of an unscrupulous realtor. “StarHit” managed to contact a neighbor Sparrow named Felix, who was in a similar situation.

“We leave here for the winter from their homes, cars, boats. And then it turns out that someone’s riding on them, living in our apartments. Many people buy property based on one trust. And people slip completely incomprehensible bills, until you travel unknown people to the resorts. All this has accumulated, but first Lena could not stand it, decided to pick up this story. Of course, it is necessary to submit to the court, but you would need to know the local laws, and many who buy homes here do not even know the language. Therefore, there are such difficulties. Plus, Lena is a strong woman who has respect. She is not afraid to give the situation publicity,” – said Felix.
Елена Воробей подает в суд на обманувшего ее риелтора

Elena Sparrow is not going to leave Yulia Galkina unpunished. Now the Joker is preparing a collective lawsuit to call a real estate agent to justice.

“I changed the locks in the house, so now nobody gets. You see, if I was recording from the surveillance cameras, I would have immediately called the police, but there is no record. That is why I now collect the testimony of neighbors. I wrote many of the people who suffered at the hands of this man. Lately, she suddenly became rich. Moved to a Luxury car, decided to open his own restaurant. Where is the money? Now she will squirm, lie in all possible ways to avoid responsibility”, – said Elena.

She Galkina has a different opinion. “Yesterday, I told her that we need to renew the insurance. The fact that the insurance policy issued on my husband, because he had a discount. Probably, the message brought a Sparrow out. She texted me strange things, saying that I stole her design and put Chinese”, – said Yulia with “StarHit”.

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