Юлия Михалкова оправдалась за слабость к щедрым мужчинам The actress said, what qualities appreciates the fans. Yulia Mikhalkov dreams of children and hopes to be able to combine the care of family and career. She is confident that her future husband will not put an ultimatum and won’t force her to give up work.

      The star of “Ural dumplings” Yulia Mikhalkov is one of the enviable brides. However, the celebrity is in no hurry down the aisle. For six years the artist was connected relationships with the Deputy and public figure. Nevertheless, to the Registrar’s office, the lovers never came. Last year, Julia tried to hide his affair with a young man. She said she dreams of a quiet wedding and wedding. The artist wanted to arrange a quiet wedding so as not to involve personal life undue attention. Mikhalkov knows what qualities should have a choice to become a worthy groom.

      “My man in the first place man with a good sense of humor, wise and generous, – says the star of “Ural dumplings”. Generous in every sense of the word, not only in the material. The generosity of actions and mental qualities is of great importance”.

      Not so long ago the artist was intrigued by their fans an unexpected hint. She talked about plans and dreams for the year, leaving the hashtag #ojidaniya. This sentence gave subscribers an idea of what Julia dreams about children. Yulia Mikhalkov fuels the rumors about the interesting position

      “Dear friends! Tonight is another magical night for more, and only ours. In such a world no one else has. Old New year – another opportunity to dearest wishes. I was thinking of, I’m sure next year will be extraordinary for me and give a lot. And to all of you I wish! Believe in miracles, dream will all come true,” wrote in January Mikhalkov.

      Now the actress 33 years. She already sees herself as a mother-and-ready that soon the family will be more important to her career. Nevertheless, Julia believes they can successfully combine work and care about the house. “I’m sure the family and motherhood — the female destiny. Not even going to argue with that. And, of course, one is the children and family will be the most important thing for me. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to find harmony and balance between the family and the stage. And that future husband never put me in front of a categorical choice,” admitted Mikhalkov in an interview with “TV”.