Lolita arranged for fans travelling to Malta

Лолита устроила поклонникам путешествие на Мальту The singer with the spouse is resting abroad. The actress and her husband went on a romantic trip, which is timed to the seventh anniversary of their life together. The star shows fans how to spend time, posting short videos.

      Lolita’s husband Dmitry Ivanov presented a surprise to the woman. Because the man knows the singer loves to travel to places with a long history, which has old buildings, chapels and tombs, he acquired a tour to Malta.

      “My husband gave me a gift, we flew to Malta for four days. He is responsible for the kitchen, cooking Breakfast is a rarity. We have an anniversary, but it’s late, but schedule was just now, and we decided to meet seven years from the date of official marriage,” said Lolita in the video.

      The pair stopped in the apartment of friends. According to the artist, while on the island is cold and swimming is not allowed. “We booked the tour. It was a gift to my husband,” said star. Dmitry knows that Lolita loves to learn rare things, so I planned the program so that the wife could visit a few historical museums.

      To show his fans the sights of Malta and to tell about the island, interesting facts, Lo takes short videos. Fans thank the artist for what she has given them the opportunity to virtually enjoy the beauty of the medieval Islands.

      In the framework of the excursion program, the singer and her husband visited museums, the fortress of Mdina and also visited local temples and shrines. The whole day they dedicated the trip to the capital of Malta, Valletta. Followers of Lolita was surprised that the star went there on a normal bus. According to the singer, public transportation very crowded, so most of the way, they had to ride standing up.

      Lolita fans look forward to each new movie star. However, in some historic areas, no cameras allowed, so the artist cannot show the fans of all the art objects, worthy of attention.

      “Very interesting, as if you go in there, immersed in this atmosphere”, “I Have a feeling that we, along with Lolita are traveling”, “Thanks for the tour, I remember my trip to Malta, very interesting,” “enjoy watching all of your videos”, “Lolita, you need to produce programs about your trips, it is one hundred percent will be the bomb!” thank you followers the Palladium.