Ирина Агибалова собирает деньги на операцию Eks-the participant “Houses-2” wants to help a sick dog. Irina asked followers not to remain indifferent and to assist in the rescue of the animal. Pet her friend was hit by a car, breaking his leg.

      Today, March 15, star telestroke in Instagram appealed to the fans. Agibalov-senior urged followers to stay away and to help raise funds for a medical assistance dog nicknames ray. Four-legged victim, in the words of the Savior, feels bad.

      “Urgent! This dog was hit by a car, moved, and dragged a few more meters! The dog miraculously survived, but urgently needs an operation on his paw. Double shoulder fracture with displacement! The dog is suffering terribly. All of our neighboring veterinary clinics do not undertake such a complicated operation. And the most disgusting thing about this story is that it was driven by a female veterinarian, and she refuses to help. The plaster was applied below the fracture site and everything! Help, please!” – wrote in the microblog to Irina.

      The former participant of “House-2” told that ray belonged to her friend, who has no material resources to help the pet. Yesterday Agibalova personally called dozens of clinics in the nearby towns, but only a day later one of them agreed to collect fragmented animal bones. In total, the treatment the dog will need about 20 thousand rubles, a thousand, to accept a thousand x – rays and from 17 to 20 thousand – for the operation itself. The followers have already collected more than six thousand rubles.

      “Everyone thank you for the help! Today I’m taking albicia to 17-30 in the clinic! Be sure to write in detail and tell you about everything! Time I took on such a responsibility will bring the matter to an end! I promise!” – thanked fans for their responsiveness to Irina.

      Now subscribers with a sinking heart, waiting for news about the health of the dog. The story touched hundreds of people who wrote in Instagram comments women with admiration of her kindness. “Irina, what you done… I read, and his heart skipped a beat… she like dogs and worry about them… I Have a Spitz. So I have even more admired. Let ray get better. God willing, everything will be okay!” “Irina, please write where to send the money for the treatment of dogs. Will help with what we can”, “adore you, Irina! What is your heart!”, “God grant you good health, Irina! This thing you are doing! Let the dog recover. I want to Express great respect”, “Irina, thank you for your good deeds! Always have time! Let you all will be well!”