Yulia Menshova has amazed fans with wrinkles and sagging skin

Юлия Меньшова поразила фанатов морщинами и обвисшей кожей лица
The presenter made a strong impression on subscribers.

Yuliya Menshova

Photo: @juliavmenshova Instagram Yulia Menshovoj

A harmless joke Yulia Menshovoj led to unpredictable consequences. Late last night, the TV presenter has published in his microblog a picture in which appeared in a dramatically aged appearance. The fact that Menchov specially treated by your portrait in the photo below with fans to laugh at the result. However, the followers of humor Yulia didn’t understand. Instead, they adopted the publication of “good faith” and literally showered the author of numerous criticisms.

“Oh my God… how you’ve aged!”, “Wrinkles, no skin, flews… Unfortunate looking”, “Oh, God, Julia, why did You do it?! Although it says that You are brave, I would not dare!”, “You need to see a plastic surgeon, stat! You’re a media person.. Well how is that?” — outraged fans.

A little later, Julia has responded to the criticism by publishing a “real photo”. “Anyone who after yesterday’s pictures of the FaceApp application, peremenovka me years 20-30 forward in my old age, and who rushed to write me tips on cosmetology, thank you very much for your attention and care! While holding! How can his strength… And congratulations on a great holiday!Peace and prosperity, love and mutual in every house, and joy!” — posted by Menchov.