Dana Borisova extremely thin because of a painful break-up with her daughter

Дана Борисова экстремально похудела из-за болезненного разрыва с дочкой
The presenter shared experiences.

Dana Borisova with her daughter Pauline

Photo: @Instagram This danaborisova_official Borisov

In early April, Dana Borisova was in the hospital. While she was out of the house for her daughter watched the former civil husband, Maxim Aksenov. The presenter was very grateful to the ex-wife for help. However, even after she was discharged from the hospital, where he was hospitalized with pneumonia, to be reunited with her nine-year-old Polina failed…

Immediately after returning Borisova home, Feldman expressed a desire to take daughter on vacation in Spain, where it has its own housing. Dana said that with a heavy heart let her to leave with her father for a week and will really miss it.

But today, Dana admitted in social networks: a daughter, she will be able to see in two months! The presenter is very emotionally perceives the breakup with her. As a result of the experiences she began to dramatically lose weight. “My beloved and native, is excited to announce that I’m fine, just lost 6 kg because of the separation from daughter. But we in advance had an agreement with Maxim that it takes Paula for 2 months to be a good father. Agree, my daughter was missing daddy, aren’t you?” wrote Dana in social networks.

Fans worried that the father of a daughter might try to take her away from This. After six months ago between Borisova and Aksyonov was a big fight. According to the star, Maxim threatened to take away her Pauline. By the way, the material support of Pauline lies on the shoulders of This, as she has repeatedly said in an interview.