Юлия Липницкая получила водительские права This summer, the Russian skater took courses that allowed her to take the exam in the traffic police. Fans congratulate athlete with the fact that now she was a driver. The card was issued to Julia Lipnitskaya in Moscow in late August.

      Юлия Липницкая получила водительские права

      The famous figure skater Yulia Lipnitsky, which this summer celebrated its coming of age, gave myself the best gift. The girl signed up for a course on driving, graduating from that successfully passed the exam in the traffic police. The athlete now knows the rules of the road and maneuvers that are allowed on the roadway. Julia received a driver’s license, which will run until 2026. The happy event occurred a few days before the performance Lipnicki “Magic on ice” in “Luzhniki”.

      Fans of the figure skater even asked the girl to show his driver’s license in one of the social networks. Julia couldn’t deny the fans and posted a photo of a new, sealed in plastic, document.

      Юлия Липницкая получила водительские права

      By the way, this year the girl managed to master the skill of make-up. Lipnitsky was a special course organized by the school of Make-up ART Stylish. This knowledge will help her to do makeup before an important competition. The athlete was trained at the master barbarians Tabatabai, which is not applied cosmetics to the face of Julia. The skater prefers nude makeup style. According to the teacher Lipnitskaya, the girl was able to learn various techniques that will allow her to put on makeup so that the makeup will not add age.

      Recently Lipnitskaya have to live in the three cities. In Yekaterinburg, it appears rather rarely, because it is training in Sochi, and also flies to Moscow on various sporting events. After the girl settled one on the coast of the Black sea, she completely revised my diet and managed to achieve a gorgeous figure. Fans also noted that the athlete is very thin. Postroynevshaya Yulia Lipnitskaya resting on the sea

      According to the figure skater, she has no more problems with excess weight. “The weight started to leave even before the February Cup of Russia in Saransk. Recently, I put together photos taken at the end of last year in the demonstrations of the championship of Russia, and those that were made on the eve of the rentals on show in Moscow. I had a shock. I thought then, in December, I already look good, can not continue to lose weight already. But really between these photos minus eight kilograms,” – said Lipnitskaya in a recent interview.