Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка» In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the leading show “Revizorro,” talked about relationships. According to Olga Romanov, she doesn’t have to listen to reproaches from her beloved husband, mom and mother-in-law, despite the fact that she can afford to wear highly revealing outfits, and Express things as you see fit.

      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»

      Extravagant singer Olga Romanovskaya has always attracted everyone’s attention. At age 20 she was in the Golden trio “VIA Gra”, replacing sexy brunette Hope Granovsky. However, for the ambitious artist it was not enough. A year later the girl went in solo sailing and had a baby and launched my own clothing line. Now talking about Romanov not subside, because she was host of “Revizorro”, which was previously headed by Elena Volatile. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the star compared himself with his predecessor.

      Olga, every day You can observe on television. How were You able to relax?
      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»Now I have a heavy schedule because of the constant filming of the show “Revizorro”. When I had a day off, flew out for four days in Saint–Tropez. Rested a familiar company of family and close friends. On the Cote d’azur I’ve been twice already, but always passing through. This town was exhausted tube, so the desire to return was not special. We traveled by car. To ride from town to town is the best kind of rest, do not like to stay long in one place. On the beach I almost didn’t come. Anyway, I think in a past life I was a truck driver.

      At performances, in videos, even in everyday life you always bold and revealing clothes. In the program “Revizorro” outfits are much more modest. Hard for You have undergone such changes?
      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»Yes, the format of the program “Revizorro” makes me mute the image which suits me in life. Honestly, you could call me a wild child. But I’m not one of those people who can accept my nature was raging. Big thanks to my leadership for patience. I’ve been struggling with the new way. Now I try to be restrained in his choice of clothing… But in life, I’m a hooligan, love the disheveled hair. And the older you get, the more like sneakers, dresses. Don’t like the style “anti-sex”. If you compare with the leading program “Revizorro” Elena Flying, then it is more strict appearance. The viewer accustomed to the image of the teacher, and I’m the naughty student who really wants to be like the teacher, but sometimes we can’t. We are different, and that’s good. In any case, we both fight for justice guests and buyers who pay cash.—
      Many fans of the show have condemned You for audit verification Chelyabinsk restaurant. You didn’t stop in the hall, the couple celebrated the wedding. Elena Fly even had to apologize to the bride and groom, because shooting spoiled their holiday.
      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»Elena and I, we both grown women. I have a mom and two kids, so anything I say is not necessary. Lena should not have to apologize for other people as an adult and reasonable person. By the way, we even don’t know her, we have only the General producer Elena Shipunova. I respect the former leadership of her fans, she did a great job. At the wedding in Chelyabinsk I did the right thing. I think that even made a little, only because it was one of my first gear. Maybe I was not quite sure of the correctness of his act, when went to the kitchen Chelyabinsk restaurant. But then I reasoned, they convincingly explained that it’s my job. Even now, I would have found what to say to the heroes that release. The bride and groom paid for the wedding, and what is the result? Mountains of poisoned food… I don’t understand people who don’t respect themselves. This celebration was celebrated at someone else’s expense… After all, the couple earned money on a Banquet, and unscrupulous employees establishments they profited. Yes, actually imagine anyone else at the wedding that show how they occurred? They had all the boring regular wedding, got drunk and forgot. And then another 10 years to be discussion, that the wedding was visited by the program “revizorro”.

      Surely, if the daring outfits, and family traditions you have unusual.
      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»Now because of my schedule a little family tradition. Before every weekend we gathered with friends at someone’s home and loved the fry. Weekend for us purely children’s days. Sure my husband and boys drove in the movie, the game centres. We had a culinary tradition – we prepared the cake “House”, it is very easy to prepare, but terribly high in calories. The kids loved the process of making the cake because there is cut marmalade, fired chocolate… the Kids always helped me in the kitchen.
      On stage You always with a smile, but at home are You a strict mom?
      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»I am opposed to children were sissies, I want them honored, respected and loved parents. It is important that they were brothers, and I hope that there will be sisters. Want to have four kids, that’s for sure. Oleg and Maxim – both are fighting for parental attention. Trying to deprive no one, of course, the eldest son is the eldest son. It more accountable, and he knows it. We have my older sister a tight connection, but in my childhood we were not close, always fought. Of course, I more got it because she’s older. I was terribly harmful, stubborn. Never apologized and never admitted guilt. Sister I have a girl with character, we had a “babovschina”. We’d outgrown it when she turned 18, we became very close. I want my kids to have had the same thing.

      Compared to girls, many boys were slobs. You have grown up two sons. How do You approach education?
      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»My sons – close friends. Not many children can just talk to the mothers. Probably due to the fact that I am a young mother. When I manage to spend some time at home with the boys, first days we have the process of adjusting to each other. Oleg, 14 years old, and he falls in love with his classmates, he tells me about them. To the question “What you liked a girl?”, he thinks like an adult. “This good and this evil,” says. For me, as a parent, this is a great achievement. Unfortunately, our younger son Maxim is not that kind of relationship. I have an indoor boy, this trait of him from my dad and got. He is the soul not all disclose therefore, it is necessary to swing. And the elder son is the soul of the company, all the girls. He is so open with the guys that I worry about, because trust can not everyone. We can chat away to him about everything until the morning. He is even in the Network run into some kind of adult joke and runs to show me. I told him, “Oleg, you are not stunned? Did you forget that I’m not your friend? I am your mother!” —
      How do You manage to get along with his eldest son, who is experiencing a crisis of adolescence?
      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»Now Andrey can’t afford to pay Maxim and Oleg as much time as we would like. There was a time when a senior loved high in front of some girl: “And my house is a cool car! What I’m always followed by the answer: “keep it simple, and people will be attracted to you”. In my example, I told him that my mom many could not afford material things. —
      The conditions in which You yourself grew?
      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»I every two years to change schools, I got bored and wanted a new fellowship, new friends and teachers. In older age I got to school, where the children were from wealthy families. In adolescence I didn’t have expensive things were in those children. Never hide in front of friends of your situation. For example, if they go to a bar, I wanted too. Feel awkward when they are at their own expense were treated to ice cream. I have a very long always tried. But after 9th grade I decided that my little school, and need special education. I went to a sewing establishment, where were all girls. Here is another contingent of classmates from the surrounding villages. Some I even still find in social networks, writing: “Oh a foul on olczyk, it is a pity that we’re not friends”. In College years they thought I was arrogant. But then I became easier. Now a different communication, all for 30 years, many children, career. Quite different values at all. Some write: “Olga, glad you got it all! Proud of you! Boast that he studied with you.”

      You have crowds of fans, especially males. Spouse Andrew not jealous?
      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»Scenes of jealousy in our family did not happen. Some friends say, you need to respect the privacy of each other. And I answer them: “the privacy of a married man, no! Separately from your partner. Personal space is one thing, private life is another. We respect each other, their desire to achieve something. My husband recently attended my speech in Moscow, he gets them rarely, unfortunately. Trust but verify – it’s not about us… our family “trust, and will always be near.” He me in no holding back, wearing the same clothes. The other day I was with a friend at a bachelorette party, so the husband just asked: “what time will you be back?” Now that’s confidence!—
      And Your parents and relatives of Andrew to respond to Your vivid image?
      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»My husband is alive only mother. Mine, for example, always pleased with my appearance! She doesn’t like it if I dressed modestly. “Revizorro” I have to wear something modest, restrained. And the mother immediately by looking at the issue, writes me a text: “Why such private outfits?” I also in-law is lucky, she is very tolerant of my style of dress and behavior. She is always sincerely happy for my success. I might not be the best daughter – in-law, because, for example, do not cook with her pies. Of course, I am ashamed of it. It definitely deserves more attention.

      Candid interview with a rude attitude Konstantin Meladze You made a lot of noise. Colleagues did not condemn You for sentimental story?
      Ольга Романовская: «Я не самая лучшая невестка»I never read your interviews, just don’t like. Used after publication to listen to the criticism of friends. Just learned about the high-profile headlines my interview about Konstantin Meladze, I told former colleagues. Of course, I apologized to my colleagues that this incident occurred, but it’s not my fault. Vera, Albina, Konstantin Meladze, Dmitry Kostyuk – professionals, they realized that offensive materials are not my doing.—
      To treat criticism with a smile?
      I had tears from the first critique, when I got to the first “VIA gra”. Then Albina, Vera and Kostya explained that it is necessary to get used to. Zloyazykie not happy about something in life… To people who write me nasty things, I am indifferent, and can even mock them.