Maria Zaitseva for the first time in a long time showed little daughter

Мария Зайцева впервые за долгое время показала маленькую дочь A graduate of the project “people’s artist” no longer hide the child from the public. Three and a half years ago, Maria Zaitseva and Alexei Goman daughter Alexandrina. However, a year after the baby to light, they decided to leave.

      Мария Зайцева впервые за долгое время показала маленькую дочь

      After 11 years of relationship, the singer Maria Zaitseva and Alexei Goman decided to divorce. Graduates of the project “people’s artist” is now raising a daughter Alexandrina. The girl was born in late 2012, and a year later her parents broke up. However former lover has managed to maintain good relations for the sake of the child. Alexey Goman explained why divorced

      Now Maria doesn’t like talking about his personal life, and in her microblog photographs from rehearsals, photo shoots and announcements about concerts. However, the soloist of the duet #2Маши decided to please his fans and posted a photo where she is depicted together with a little Sandra.

      Judging from the picture, mom and daughter were in a cafe. A sudden surge of feelings Masha forced the baby to break away from the dessert. Zaitseva tenderly presses the child to her, prudently covering her face.

      “This love”, – wrote the artist in the caption to the photo.

      Fans reacted to this touching frame. They were relieved that Maria has decided to show his child. My Header. Mash you until you’re free, I Header not dolls to give anymore, and evening dresses, so mom went to concerts”, “so cute”, “Happiness”, – said the followers of the artist.

      As told to “StarHit” Maria, Alex often to see his daughter and takes an active part in her upbringing. After the divorce, Goman was not able until now to meet your true love. As it turned out, the musician was not able to ensure a bright future for his beloved.

      “After breaking up with Mary two years I dated a girl, and this relationship was in the best traditions of the novel: fall in love, lose control, become very dependent on partner emotionally. And we parted with her when we still had feelings for each other. Just had to make a decision: we’re going on together or not. A woman always wants to know if she has a future with you. I such a promise could not give,” admitted Goman.

      Zaitseva, in turn, does not intend to talk about their relationships with men.

      “Generally in my personal life everything is fine, but now I don’t say anything. I can say that happy and I’m good. What let everyone draw their own conclusions!”, – said Maria.