Эвелина Бледанс показала, как увеличивает губы The actress did not hide what the above have to resort to achieve the desired effect. Evelina Bledans has revealed some secrets of makeup. Fans were delighted when they found out exactly how to change the actress for a role in a sketch show.

      Famous actress Evelyn Bledans always strives to look perfect. However, she is in no hurry to radically change their appearance. However for filming, she has to resort to some tricks to transform for a given image. Bledans decided to reveal the secrets behind the scenes and showed how it enhances the lips.

      “Who is sponge?” – has signed the actress in his video. The footage showed Evelina what makes a master to her appearance changed.

      Fans who see Evelyn in the role Chris played in the sketch show ‘One for all’, was delighted that the actress revealed some secrets of pre-production. “Great, very interesting! A little behind the scenes moments!”, “And I always wondered how to make them, Thank you, that opened the curtain,” wrote excitedly followers.

      For the filming of Evelyn having to apply complex make-up, which is not always beneficial to the health of her skin. After participating in the program “one to One” Bledans had to go to the beautician, to avoid the effects of plastic make-up, which sometimes causes severe allergic.

      In everyday life, Evelyn is not afraid to try different new items of cosmetics to look perfect. This spring Bledans decided to do a facelift under the new methodology.

      “I always thought that the facelift is an operation with a scalpel, anesthesia, bruises and scars. And that thought was scary. My energetic beautician suggested me popular in Europe for non-surgical facelift, the effect of which persists for three years,” shared information Bledans with his fans.

      However, Evelyn does not exclude that with age she will have to go for help to plastic surgeons. But while the actress does not need serious professional intervention.

      “Surgeons who I ask to rate me in one voice say that ten years I can seriously not worry. But then, it is important for all surgical manipulations the face has not changed beyond recognition, as have many artists who mutilated himself and turned into a puppet,” explained Bledans.