Стали известны подробности свадьбы Роба Кардашьяна

Soon, the light should have an heir of Rob Kardashian and his wife , black Tea, and the pair is still in the status of the bride and groom. As promised earlier, their wedding celebrity moved closer to the birth of a baby in September of this year.

“Black didn’t like it because E!, with the rights to Rob a reality show, decided to film an episode of the reality show, but the contract, which was signed by China with the Kardashian, this speech was not” — said the source.
China insists that Rob and their wedding was a personal triumph, but wish in every way to convince her that it is important for the rating of the show. Black believes that her want to cheat and simply earn it. I agree a woman can only in the condition that it will pay $ 1.5 million.
“The ceremony that China plans to be small and will be held in October just before the birth of a child. The big wedding that she and Rob will play next summer, will go on as Kim and Kanye in Europe, and will be more ambitious than them” — said the insider.