Данко пожелал Сати Казановой гореть в аду

Careless words and hastily voiced thoughts played with sati Casanova, a cruel joke, what a girl has made an enemy in the person of singer Danko.

At a press conference in Kabardino-Balkaria, devoted to her Foundation “Culture and life”, Sati is very properly spoke about children with congenital diseases and peculiarities of development, calling them “curves and slanting”.

Barely hearing these words, Danko erupted in anger.

Alexander (real name of artist) without choosing his words, wished Casanova “burn in hell”.

“For all is an empty phrase, but my child is sick. For me it’s like a gut punch, like a slap in the face. The rest are all stupidly neighing or in any way does not concern them. And I hear it is very painful, – said the singer.- I believe this elementary is incorrect, we still live in the community, she’s not in her village sits and says it. She’s a star and has no right to control their words”.

Further, the contractor and moved to personal insults: “I wish something good done, and that can only that to call them crooked and ugly… I know her in real life: just the wind in the head, dummy”.

As you might expect, this skirmish two colleagues quickly became public knowledge and attracted a lot of attention.

Sati was forced to bring words of apology: “I’m very sorry that it happened, and about people, children with any illness, I do not dare to be cynical or cruel to them! On the situation in the family of Alexander Danko, I learned just now, talking on the phone with him, I brought him to apologize. Sasha understood me. I’m a member of the Board of Trustees of two funds: with the disease cerebral palsy and rehabilitation of young people with disabilities. I see how hurt my parents, I see it only from the side, kind of work and test they are… I forgive Everyone, not wanting to have offended you!”