Юлия Липницкая стала визажистом Olympic champion in figure skating has found a hobby. Yulia Lipnitskaya finished beauty school. Now a young athlete can do my own makeup professionally, although the girl almost never use cosmetics.

      Юлия Липницкая стала визажистом

      The young star of figure skating Yulia Lipnitskaya not only spends time in training, but do not forget about their interests outside of the ice rink. Most recently, 18-year-old athlete has mastered the basics of makeup. Julia even from an early age accustomed to that in speeches she goes to competitions are made up. Apparently, she decided to learn how to work with decorative cosmetics on your own and finished the course “Himself makeup artist” in high school, Make-up ART Stylish.

      A few days ago, the Olympic champion and completed courses at the school of make-up artists. The girl posted a photo on his page in the social network, along with teacher Barbara Tabatabai. Julia dyed brighter than usual, and it can be assumed that in this way she demonstrated the results of their work.

      Attentive fans have noted that in everyday life Lipnitskaya prefers natural makeup, barely brings the eye colors and mascara eyelashes.

      Julia now lives and trains in Sochi. At the resort, she moved not so long ago. The athlete manages to find time to sometimes to relax on the seaside, sunbathing and basking on the beach. Many fans noted that the skater is markedly postroila. Pictures of her in the bathing suit caught the attention of a huge number of fans who could not fail to note that she dropped a few pounds. Julia did everything to overcome the extra weight.

      “Used to think that phrase is recovered from the air – it’s just a figure of speech, but what happened to me, best represent these words. A spoonful of honey in tea put get pounds off the top. Do sometimes not understand what is happening. I really thought that all the horrors that tell about puberty, never I will not touch,” – said Lipnitskaya.

      Julia admitted that she was difficult to settle at the new place. She was afraid to live alone in the apartment because he did not feel safe. For a long time it was located in the hotel.

      Yulia Lipnitskaya showed the conditions in which she lives

      “There are a lot of people, as it turned out, which is very actively trying to get into my life. Get the address call. I do not understand how you can so cavalierly invade someone else’s space with complete confidence that they’re waiting for. So at this stage the hotel for me is more convenient in all respects”, – said the famous figure skater.