Съемки в сериале «Ольга» начались для Яны Трояновой с трагедии The actress lost her mother. The star has experienced life a lot of misery. One of them happened to Yana Troyanova on the eve of the shooting in the series “Olga”, which predict a great success. The actress barely had time to say goodbye to the closest person.

      After the broadcast, TNT issued a series of “Olga” which Yana Troyanova plays a major role, public interest in her person has increased dramatically. The actress admits that all her heroines are women with difficult fate, however, as she was.

      In Jan’s life has experienced a lot of losses. Home to Yekaterinburg she comes infrequently. In the city it is not only found in family and friends, but also visits the graves of loved ones. Speaking of the departed mother, Troyanova compares herself with her character in the TV series “Olga”.

      “She’s in a critical moment ready to sit down and talk, which for me is aerobatics in a relationship. I, unfortunately, like a lot of conversations in life missed. And people go, for example, I had to jump literally driving off at full speed the train, to say the last words to my mother, who died right before filming “Olga,” admits the star.

      Fate Troyanova it so happened that the actress was buried not only the mother but also the child. Her son Nicholas passed away at the age of 20 years. Ian was madly in love with him and did everything to help him.

      “Nick grew up like a normal teenager, recalls in an interview with “StarHit” Elena, the sister of the actress. – Played sports, played hockey. Normally I studied. All was well until, until they moved to another area. The nephew fell in with bad company. Drugs, alcohol. Everyone noticed the change in the stake. Jan tried to spend more time with him, helped with money. After school, he never studied, didn’t work. We all told him that it was time to take action. But he didn’t hear. We were unable to save him from death”.

      The star of the show Olga Yana Troyanova lost son

      Relatives Troyanova not rule out that the stake was manifested by the father’s genes. Young Yana had a romance with Constantine Shirinkina, who later became her husband and the father of the child. Pretty quickly it became clear that the man suffers from alcoholism and aggression. The actress divorced with Constantine, and a few years later he died of a plague.

      “The husband could hurt much to beat. We pretty soon had a child, and then I realized: nobody and never will allow themselves to be bully — no goat would not let even close. Today next to me a worthy man, not able to hit a woman,” says Troyanova in an interview with “Grazia”.