Ольга Серябкина оголила ягодицы на глазах коллеги Soloist of the famous pop group love to shock the Internet users. Olga Seryabkina surprised followers of his microblog another spicy frame in which her colleague on the staff of Pauline clings to the woman’s ass.

      The soloist of the band SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina not hesitate to show their curvy figure in lingerie or without clothes. New picture in the microblog singer caused heated discussions among fans. In the pictures her colleague Pauline Olga touches the buttocks. Original angle from the top helped the photographer to show both soloists in all its glory. In the caption to the new post Seryabkina compared it everyday morning with a sandwich.

      Fans of the band SEREBRO took a new outright frame very ambiguous. Some followers of the account of Olga admired her figure, leaving flattering comments: “a Good nut”, “Beautiful”, “Olga, you are a provocateur”, “Juicy! Delicious! Delicious!”, “Your joint photos with Polina just bomber”.

      Other users of the social network considered that this picture too intimate. “Don’t tell me that just happens”, “What are you teaching the youth students? To take an example from someone”, “Sometimes vulgarity just rushing,” said Seracini subscribers.

      By the way, this is not the first provocative picture of SEREBRO soloists. Previously, Polina and Olga copied the postures of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Seryabkina depicts a soloist with the Beatles, which was completely naked. The singer did not change the concept of frame is known for appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, so was photographed naked. The star explained that she was always fascinated with the image of a musician with a sweetheart. “For me, all my life this photo was the symbol of absolute love. I always consider it long. And then, when I saw for the first time, and every time I come across it on the eye now. It has the magic. It has everything that is related to love and passion” – shared the girl.

      Olga Seryabkina noted that, even acting in explicit videos, soloist of the group SEREBRO don’t aim to advertise your body. “The three of us I always the naked, but not because I someone told. Just how I feel. For me music is sex,” – said the singer in an interview. The soloist SEREBRO not shy to talk about intimacy with their fans. Recently Olga asked his followers who first made love this summer, and encouraged them to share experiences.