Игорь Крутой судится с банком The composer lost his savings in one of the financial institutions. According to Igor Steep, his lawyers are now dealing with the issue. The Bank lost its license, so he was placed in a bad situation.

      Игорь Крутой судится с банком

      “Keep the money in a savings Bank” – this phrase from a favorite Soviet movie “Ivan Vasilievich changes profession” is increasingly losing relevance in the current times. Composer Igor Krutoy, one of the organizers of the music festival “New wave”, which started in Sochi on September 3, recently became a victim of the financial crisis – he lost his savings in a Bank.

      “I did have a large contribution to Orlovsky “Zariche”, which this year, unfortunately, like the dozens of other banks, revoked the license, – said Igor Yakovlevich with “StarHit”. The money I lost. Now my lawyers are dealing with this issue – we filed a claim for insurance compensation in the Arbitration court of Orel region. This is probably the first time I got into a bad situation”.

      The amount that 62-year-old Steep demands from the financial institutions amounts to more than 1.2 million rubles. About as much was in his personal savings account. On 1 September the claim was accepted and the case set in motion. The next meeting is scheduled for end of October. Myself Cool to attend not planning, his interests will be represented by a lawyer.

      The composer, incidentally, was not the only celebrity who lost their blood during the financial crisis in the same situation with different banks and got his fellow musicians – Raimonds Pauls, Garik Sukachev, “Quartet” and many others.

      By the way, Igor Krutoy is now more concerned about family Affairs. Not so long ago, his eldest son, businessman Nikolay Krutoy and his wife Julia had a daughter, Margaret. Happy grandfather one of the first to see her baby, which was born in the CDB Manager of the Russian President. “Dad came to the hospital in labor, some hours later, – said Nikolai “StarHit”. – Said the girl is very beautiful. Come into the room and asks: “so how’s nick?” My wife was almost killed! We’re at the moment still undecided, how do we call the daughter. Was deciding between Veronica and Margarita – and in the end, a week after observing her behavior, he decided that the latter is still more suitable. She is dark, calm, not whiny, wakes up and opens one eye – funny that. Igor Krutoy helping his son with a newborn baby