Нонна Гришаева устроила двойной праздник любимому The actress said a pink wedding and housewarming. Nonna Grishaeva is already 10 years living in marriage with Alexander Nesterov. Despite the fact that some time ago there were rumors about the breakup of their relationship, still the couple are happy together.

      Comedy actress Nonna Grishaeva, along with her husband Alexander Nesterov noted an important date for them – 10 years of marriage. However, the couple decided to combine a festive occasion with another event – a housewarming. Grishaeva did not hide the fact that she and her husband combined two of important occasion in one day.

      “Happily noted our pink wedding and housewarming at the same time (so two times not to cover). Thanks friends, for your beautiful greetings and gifts!” – wrote in the microblog Grishaeva.

      Fans rushed to congratulate their favorite artist with such a significant event. They were glad that the couple live in love and harmony. “You congratulations. If you give the gift of hope, of love,” “Happiness and well-being I sincerely wish you!”, “Nonna, you can’t scroll, what are you bright, bold and radiant always! Thanks for the mood!” – wrote in the microblog fans.

      For such a solemn occasion Nona chose the cake made in the form of a house. This treat has become a great symbol of the holiday, combining a housewarming party and pink wedding. Some time ago the feelings of Nona and Alexander was under serious testing. For several years Grishaeva played private show along with his counterpart Dmitry Isaev. In scenario they fall in love with each other, but their marriage is impossible. Suspected that artists associated not just friendships.

      Due to frequent touring, they spent much time together. In the evening, the pair was out at a nice restaurant. “Nonna and Dmitry came to us to dinner after the performance in December – told “StarHit” Alexander, administrator of the karaoke club “Barabas” in Novosibirsk. – Sat at the back table, something whispered, hugging. Ordered our signature dish – Dorado wrapped in bacon and shrimp. Then Isaev asked Grishaeva to sing, but apparently she was shy, or maybe just tired – didn’t come on the scene. Next to him she just lit up – it was seen as her.”.

      However, it did not change the attitude of Nesterov for his wife. Nona and Alexander decided that they would not discuss the provocative rumors.

      “They explained and decided to the subject not to return. Alexander loves his wife, even if something happened between her and Isaev, he told her, apparently, all is forgiven. Sasha and Nonna a wonderful couple,” said a family friend.