Кыргызская принцесса Алия Шагиева вышла замуж за русского парня The President’s daughter arranged a quiet wedding. 19-year-old heiress Almazbek Atambayev combined knot with her lover. The Union of young people provoked a storm of indignation in the Network, because the chosen girl of a different nationality.

      19-year-old daughter Almazbek Atambayev Aliya Shagieva married young man, who met a few years. The wedding was held in secret from the General public. The young wife told about the joyous event in my life in Instagram. Aliya posted a shot from the honeymoon and admitted under the that they have with the beloved are very few joint photos.

      “I do hate all sorts of cute pictures of couples, that is why for 4 years we have Bones did not have joint photos. And I hate writing on public display about his personal life. But today it was especially good to stand there, smile and take photos with a beautiful day. A warm wind. We are now husband and wife, ready to accept congratulations,” wrote the head of the successor of Kyrgyzstan.

      For a long while, the girl concealed your loved one. Some residents of Kyrgyzstan do not understand marriages with representatives of other nationalities. In appearance, Constantine has a Slavic features, it is not a full-blooded Kirghiz. This provoked condemnation from social media users. Under the with the young man and the sea, there was a whole discussion about the need to marry in Kyrgyzstan, people of the same nationality.

      Some followers Tagievoy advised the girl to close the account. “Why do you need this dirt to see and listen to. Do not darken your happiness. Unfortunately, we live in a world where limited and narrow-minded people more,” say the users.

      Alia tries not to pay attention to the negative side of the detractors. She enjoys cuddling with her husband and his sincerity. “Keep me warm. Even if I’m not cold. Definitely need to wrap like a wet chicken to hug,” admitted the girl.

      Shooting the newlyweds took place on the shores of lake Issyk-Kul, in the village of Kaji-SAI. Aliya said that they will spend a few days, as they failed to fully relax for the summer. “To walk, to breathe, to talk about business. Wonderful” – shares his emotions Shagieva.

      By the way, most recently, the girl realized her creative idea. The drawings of the artist are now prints on the clothes one fashion brand.