Natasha Koroleva regretted the marriage with Igor Nikolaevym

Наташа Королева пожалела о браке с Игорем Николевым The artist admitted that he believes that marriage is not the right decision in her life. Natasha Koroleva became the guest of the program “million dollar Secret”, which was forced to answer naughty questions leading Lera Kudryavtseva.

      Наташа Королева пожалела о браке с Игорем Николевым

      Many celebrities that have undergone serious testing and personal turmoil, are often not ready to think about the errors of his past and even more refuse to talk about them publicly. However, the Secret to a million,” which premiered last week, forced to transcend itself. For example, a guest of the new air was Natasha Koroleva. In an interview with a leading project Leroy Kudryavtseva, the singer had to answer a lot of awkward questions to win one and a half million rubles. Entertainment a game show suggests that the voiced secrets of life, the artists get a certain amount of money, and in case of failure you lose everything “earned” for the program.

      Once on the transfer as a special guest, Natasha Koroleva has signaled that it is ready to open some details about his past and openly speak to many “forbidden” topics. Star agent provocateur Lera Kudryavtseva asked the actress some juicy questions about the first marriage and family life with famous composer Igor Nikolaev. In conversation with a leading Queen admitted she regrets about her first marriage.

      “I doubt it was the right move,” said Natasha – I was 18 years old, still a child…”
      Наташа Королева пожалела о браке с Игорем Николевым

      Interestingly, in conversation with Kudryavtseva, the singer also spoke about the problems that accompanied it in the early career. The Queen mentioned rivals, remembering how hard it was to cope with the fame and envy. With bitterness in her voice, she remembered and about the betrayals that have happened in her life and that she was very upset.

      Natasha Koroleva: “To the child from an orphanage should be ready the whole family”

      In addition, Natasha refused to talk about the current spouse and a particular relationship with him. Host of “million dollar Secret” raised questions about the scandalous sex video that hit the net. The actress and her husband, Sergei Glushko, who came to the recording of the program, explained what filming these videos and how they managed to survive this persecution.

      To learn more Frank conversation Natasha Koroleva and Lera Kudryavtseva viewers will be able, 11 September at 17:00 on NTV.