Юлию Ковальчук обвинили в подражании Волочковой Recently the singer published a picture, which shows its stretch. Fans of Yulia chided her of copying the style of Anastasia Volochkova, which greatly surprised Kovalchuk. The actress said that even thought to compete with another star. She also urged users of the Network to treat everything with humor.

      Юлию Ковальчук обвинили в подражании Волочковой

      33-year-old singer Julia Kovalchuk — fan of a healthy lifestyle. She regularly plays sports, loves yoga, arranges itself fasting days, and adheres to an individual diet. Recently, the actress decided to show off the results of your workouts and published a photo where you can see her amazing stretch.

      “Walking in Moscow… got bored, decided to stretch my legs,” Julia wrote on Instagram, adding hashtags to the publication “Tell me about your day”, “Bruised foot” and “Unusual training”.

      Fans Kovalchuk admired the perfect shape of a star. “Smart stretching”, “Clever”, “well Done, respect”, “wow, my dream”, “Twine so the twine”, “Elegant”, “Great surprise!”, — they wrote.

      Of course, Julia did not escape comparison with the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, who constantly demonstrates his stretching. Some members of the singer found that she copies another celebrity. So they added to the photo of Julia hashtag “twine Volochkova”, and expressed your opinion in the comments to the image, ex-member of “Brilliant”: “the Second Volochkova, competition is growing”, “We thought it only makes Anastasia”, “don’t follow Volochkova”.

      She Kovalchuk, reading what I think her fans are not left out from the discussion. The actress was genuinely surprised that she was accused of emulating the star of the ballet. Julia urged subscribers to take things easier and with humor, and hastened to translate communication with the fans on a different topic. The singer asked what their weekend.

      “Surprised yesterday, after reading the comments about a post with the twine, that someone actually decided that I want to compete with Anastasia Volochkova. Guys! Return the humor in your life, then it becomes easier and more interesting. And all who are with me well smiled, continue to do so today. How was your weekend, by the way?”, commented on Kovalchuk in the microblog.

      By the way, Julia is already far not for the first time shows fans his remarkable stretch. In December last year, the celebrity has shared a picture from the gym, where you can see how she was doing vertical splits.

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