Потап может уйти от жены и жениться на Насте Каменских Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva explained what kind of relationship artists. The woman also made a prediction for the future celebrities. According to experts, the farm is not ready to leave his wife, despite a long affair with a colleague, but once all is settled.

      Потап может уйти от жены и жениться на Насте Каменских

      Recently it became known that the musical Duo Nastya Kamenskih and Potapov Alexei, better known under the alias Potapov, share not only a professional relationship. The former PR girl singers songs Cumacea the spring Anna gave to one of the media controversial interview in which he said that between the celebrities there is a relationship of an intimate nature. Piquancy of the situation added that Potap lawful wife, Irina, co-producer of the company “MOZGI Entertainment”. The couple has a son Andrew, who in September will mark 8 years.

      The former PR girl Potap and Nastya Kamenskikh said about the affair

      Neither Anastasia nor Alexei had no comment regarding the incident situation. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied dates of birth of celebrities and made a forecast for the future, which also explained what kind of relations will bind them in the future.

      “Nastya was born in a day of support and care,” says Clara. – Code – 347 268 – suggests that she is endowed with the sign of artistry, bright and talented person. But despite the fact that she is beautiful and interesting girl, Kamensky very insecure person. Have a charismatic and beloved Nastya low self-esteem and a lot of complexes. She suffers from depression, which often jammed. Remember, three years ago she had a weight problem, the star strongly recovered? The reason for the overeating was self-doubt and the future. People like Nastya, often lonely, they have little to attract your life partner energy. A new phase in her life will begin after 37 years. It leaves the feeling of dissatisfaction with herself that she will find harmony and peace of mind.”

      According to numerology, Nastya and Potap bind very complicated relationship. Kuzenbaeva convinced that they are too different people, and this is reflected in their communication.

      “Alexei is very self-sufficient person, kind and sympathetic person. He knows how to make friends and always tries to help others, than can, – explains the expert. But he has a bad temper: Potap prone to mood swings and is powered by energy from the outside, he polar the vampire (the so-called heavy life of people). Nastya less energetic and strong, so she is not always comfortable in this relationship. But he is just a colleague extreme convenient – its mild nature, ideal in order to endure his tyrannical temper”.

      It should be noted that numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva does not exclude possible marriage Potap and Nastya Kamensky in the future. However, now, as emphasized by the woman, he is not ready to break off relations with his wife. For this reason, a long affair on the side is still not pushed him to divorce.

      “Life code Alexis – 167 325 – says that his destiny is not one marriage. The time will come, Potapov leaves his wife and marries again – Kamensky or other girl – suggests numerologist. He is one of those people that can’t lie, but it’s hard to decide on a breakup. Based on this, I can confidently say that his wife knew about the relationship of the husband with Kamensky. But, apparently, she had reasons not to make the truth out…”

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