Юлия Беретта превратилась в блондинку The actress struck a new hair color. Yulia Beretta decided on a radical change. She became a bright blonde. Fans of stars like her image, because a few years ago, she has already conducted a similar experiment with looks.

      Юлия Беретта превратилась в блондинку

      Yulia Beretta has published in his microblog new photos, which fans barely recognized her. 36-year-old ex-participant of group “Arrows” of the brunette turned into a blonde. A few years ago, the singer has already conducted a similar experiment on their image, and the result she loved it. But soon she returned to that color, which she always seemed closer.

      It is not excluded that this time the reincarnation of the Beretta is not due to the desire to change, and with the new role – because Julia is not only a singer but also an actress. It is even possible that blond hair is just a wig which the star will soon be removed.

      The fact that Julia did not stay too long on maternity leave and have already begun to work. She rehearses a new song and goes on auditions.

      Recall that Beretta first became a mother on 2 November last year. Announced this good news in his microblog star, posting a photo of baby feet with the words: “I can’t imagine what this incredible happiness! 02.11.2015 my son was born! Now these feet are the sweetest in the world!”

      The boy was born weighing 3300 g, height 51 cm in one of the perinatal centers of Moscow. Say that at first Julia wanted to give birth in Spain, but then changed his mind — didn’t want to leave your family for a long time.

      The baby name as the name of the father, Beretta kept secret. But the artist is sharing with fans their new pictures and complains about the constant lack of sleep. “Then you can sleep as you want, but now a dream – unattainable luxury! Build it in minutes like beads!” – she writes.

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