Дочь Екатерины Климовой носит мамины вещи The artist and her heiress one size clothing. Ekaterina Klimova glad now 14-year-old Lisa shared the tastes of the actress. In fact, until recently the daughter didn’t want to wear something that was offered by the mother.

      Дочь Екатерины Климовой носит мамины вещи

      Popular actress Ekaterina Klimova and has four children. Eldest daughter Elizabeth is 14 years old. Puberty the girl is quite calm. Daughter is very close with his mother. Catherine Lisa devotes a lot of time, they often make joint shopping.

      Interestingly, before the girl like any other teenager, was met with hostility by the desire of the mother to choose for her outfits. The clothes that bought the actress categorically didn’t like the heiress. Fortunately, that time has passed and Lisa began to look closely to what looks like her star mom. And sometimes Catherine daughter and even change things. This is not difficult, because they have one size of clothing.

      “Until recently, Lisa strongly disliked everything I bought her. Now she is grown up and wearing my things, the things we choose together. I’m glad she has her own taste. When she slowly began to paint my cosmetics, I did not prevent. Just remind her that you need to know,” says Catherine.

      By the way, 14-year-old Lisa is becoming more and more like my mom. “Who has longer legs? And sneakers kozyrnaia?” – recently signed actress picture, which both young ladies dressed in sportswear and sneakers are practically the same. Fans admired the fact that she grew up and turns into a young lady. “Catherine, insanely beautiful! My favorite actress!”, “Two beauties!” – have been getting compliments all the followers star.

      By the way, nice words Klimova hears not only his daughter. The way she looks herself after the birth of four children, has captured the imagination of many viewers. The actress is glad that her figure is admired. She admits that trying to eat less and more exercise to be slender.

      Ekaterina Klimova was surprised by the result of weight loss

      “I’m working on it! Can’t say I always eat right, but I aspire to it. We usually think in weekends and holidays to relax, and then somehow pohudeem. But why recruit, and then dump? I try to find time for Spa treatments, like massage, swimming pool. My car is always a gym bag so after the show you can go to the fitness club, and a bottle of water without gas. You want to eat? Have a drink,” says Klimova in an interview with “Hello!”.

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