Yulia Baranovskaya wins pop scene

Юлия Барановская покоряет поп-сцену The new year is a time of miracles when dreams come true. And those who have been wanted something, but were afraid to try, have to do it. As Yulia Baranovskaya, which debuted on television now as a singer. Baranovskaya acted as a duet with Alexander Gordon.
Юлия Барановская покоряет поп-сцену

On the eve of holidays, Yulia Baranovskaya published a photo with his co-host and friend of Alexander the Proud in fancy robes. The TV presenter shared her childhood memories on how strict parents didn’t allow her to sleep in new year’s eve and she was a little girl, sitting before the screen of the TV and watched “Blue light”. Then Julie never even dreamed that someday will be on the set of a holiday show. But dreams tend to come true, especially for the New year.

“I’m writing this and tears are welling…. My parents and grandparents since I can remember, allowed me to go to bed on Christmas night. In rare years, I fell asleep myself before midnight. Almost always I was serving to two or three nights. Remember, a table was set, guests gathered, we were dancing and always had the TV on, where there was a Christmas concert… many years have Passed, the girl grew up, and in this new year’s eve together with my beloved co-host of Alexander we have prepared for you a surprise… new year’s eve on the Ground and I still sing!”, – posted by Julia Baranovskaya.

Alexander Gordon and Julia Baranovskaya performed the song “Dialogue at the Christmas tree” on the poems of Yuri Levitanskogo, music composer Edward Romanovskogo, which is known to all Russians on the soundtrack to the film “Moscow does not believe in tears”. In the picture composition is performed by Nikitin wife, and it sounds as a backdrop to the picnic scene.

Baranovskaya and Gordon sang the popular hit at the Christmas tree and they danced around on one of Moscow streets. They closed a great holiday telechart, which was called “new year’s eve on the Ground”.

By the way, Alexander and Julia over the years of working together we became true friends. Gordon celebrated with his wife and children, and Julia staged a celebration for sons and daughters.