Лариса Копенкина публично унизила недоброжелателя A businesswoman has placed in his microblog emotional post, which showed a review of one of the users of the social network. Offended Larisa Kopenkina urged fans to protect her from the attacks of men.
Лариса Копенкина публично унизила недоброжелателя

Every day the stars of domestic show-business get a lot of negative comments on Instagram. A victim of rudeness on the part of the haters was and Larisa Kopenkina. Unpleasant the statement of one of them deeply touched the woman. Celebrity hastened to publish the entry in the microblog, where he asked for support from fans.

“Need help now! I wonder what motivates these men is the mutation or genetic malfunction individuals? Explain that this is what is normal, began to write? What kind of weed? Complete degradation and extinction or the cry of salvation from the loneliness of degenerates? Not react, but began to notice that there are not only men, but women and grow like toadstools. I think that the country should know of such nurseries-heroes or what?” – without constraining emotions, has written Kopenkina.

Loyal fans are unable to leave the publication unnoticed. They were quick to cheer his favorite, leaving comments, words of support. Users of the social network advised the healer to pay attention to the negative messages in her address, and to block such spiteful critics. However, some of the subscribers noted that on Instagram everyone is entitled to speak out as it sees fit.

“She is not a man! They currently do not allow this! Ignore the evil people!”, “You are clever and beautiful, you never know what to say about you! Just forget this mess”, “And what if you set up a profile? Only compliments to listen? We have freedom of speech, like… Let everybody say what they want”, “Larissa, I’m a huge fan! Now he just punished so publicly you wrote about it! And all support you!” – shared his opinion followers.

Four years later, time noted that such kind words were able to cheer her up. She thanked indifferent and wished them happy to spend the rest of Christmas vacation.

Despite the haters, Larissa is trying to maintain the beauty and carefully watches the appearance. In addition to standard treatments, a businesswoman resorted to plastic surgery. Last year, four years appealed to the surgeon to do the neck lift. About it she told me “StarHit”.

“At my age it is normal. That’s when, very young girls doing here is unclear – there are no ugly women! Each has something special. But I in recent years, many have written on social networks, they say that you have with the neck. Thought and thought and made her facelift. I am not ashamed,” – said Larissa.