Yulia Baranovskaya tried on a wedding dress

Юлия Барановская примерила свадебное платье Leading was intrigued by a picture in a wedding gown. Baranovskaya also told that she make a festive makeover. Fans of celebrity began wishing her all the best. Many followers Yulia look forward to the moment when their favorite is married.

      31-year-old presenter Yulia Baranovskaya recently surprised fans with the white wedding dress. The star also said that she will do Bridal makeup. However, to say that Baranovskaya going to marry, is premature. The fact that Julia became a bride on the set of the new edition of the show “Ice age”.

      “Once my best friend told me that Bridal makeup for me will only do it. No sooner said than done: I’m the bride. And why is it that I’m getting married will see on Saturday in the “Ice age”. I love them all. And may this day be very good,” shared Baranovskaya in his microblog.

      Fans leading found that outfit really suits her. “Beauty”, “well done, proud of you. Such a bright man as the sun”, “You are real, sincere and honest,” “Thank you for the positive and smile! Look at you and think – how in one person so much kindness and warmth?”, “Very gentle, great,” they wrote. In addition, the followers of Julia wished her all the best. “I hope you will soon marry a worthy man”, “Wish you to find your man”, “How do you want to in your life the time has come! May soon find a Prince who will make you happy,” – commented the followers of a celebrity.

      We will remind that Yulia Baranovskaya broke up with football player Andrey Arshavin after ten years of civil marriage. It happened in 2014. Then he left her for another woman. Now Julia has three adorable children – Artem, Yana and Arseny.

      Lawyer Baranovskaya spoke about the meeting of Arshavin with children

      Note that for the last couple of years, the life of Julia has changed: from a housewife she has become a successful lead program “Male/female”. It can also be seen in the new season of “Ice age”, where she performs together with her 34-year-old figure skater Maxim Shabalin, Simferopol Viewers considered the Duo one of the brightest on the project. In an interview with Baranovskaya admitted that they had never skated. However, she managed to master this sport and to win the hearts of the jury. However, unfortunately for all fans of Julia and Maxim, in the last edition of the show the pair of them were on the verge of elimination from the program, so currently there is SMS voting for celebrities.