Ksenia Borodina took the youngest daughter in the hard drive

Ксения Бородина взяла младшую дочь в тяжелую поездку The presenter gave Theon a fascinating journey. Star along with her husband and children flew on holiday. Apparently, the flight was long, so Ksenia Borodina had to entertain the baby with games, it is not capricious.

      The TV reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina together with his family went on holiday in a hot country. Little daughter Teona flying abroad was very long. Apparently, the family did not take the baby on trips, where to go for more than 4 hours. Members noted that, most likely, Kurban Omarov with his wife, located in Dubai. The man shared with the family Breakfast.

      Ksenia tried to distract him from the hardships of flight, so always kept her in his arms. “Flew as wanted”, – has signed a frame made in the business class of the plane, Borodin. Members wished the family a pleasant home away from home: “Great rest”, “To love children”, “How nice to see you together, the whole family is here,” wrote a follower.

      Thea was flying this summer with my mom in Turkey. Unfortunately, Borodin’s daughters there came a time when there was danger, therefore are unable to relax. Husband Ksenia Borodina worried about the daughter of Theon

      Recently Borodin and lobster had a great time in the Seychelles, where she probably flew for work. Fans never cease to admire the couple and their children. The reality star and her husband overcame the crisis in the relationship. The woman explained that they came a long “grinding” characters.

      “The fact that there are those who like to spoil the life of others with their gossip and intrigue. It so happened that at the time of our Kurban lapping such people were in the area. Wedding, pregnancy, birth of a child – we have it all happened very quickly, we don’t even really have time to be with each other. Of course, something was to blame us, but, thank God, found the strength to understand what is happening, to understand that we love each other, and move on. The most important lesson for us was the understanding that happiness is still love peace,” said Ksenia.

      By the way, the stars have their secrets of communication with her husband. She always knows how to surprise Kurban, and understands how to make him comfortable.

      “A real woman gives a man not mind, no beauty no body no progress and the state. The woman who gives men special men’s as – always will be loved. This condition it creates, enjoying the company of his men and admire them”, – shared Borodin.