Yulia Baranovskaya lives with his counterpart Andrei Arshavin

Юлия Барановская живет с двойником Андрея Аршавина
The presenter revealed details of his personal life.

Yulia Baranovskaya with children: Artem, Yana and Arseny

Photo: @ygemini Instagram Yulia Baranovskaya

Yulia Baranovskaya recently admitted that in the house lives a double of her former civil husband Andrei Arshavin. It is not about a new male presenter as you would think, and the younger son of Julia.

According to Baranovskaya, little Archy — copy of his famous dad. He has gone in the footsteps of Arshavin and shows a genuine interest in football. Not so long ago Julia wrote it down in the sports section. Of course, until the son of the star couple does not take part in serious competitions, but the presenter and the coaches see great potential in it.

“It’s funny to watch him on the football field. Because if the “tablewrite” his face, looks like he’s copied from his dad — one-to-one. It is possible to know his father, so he looks on the field: how he dribbles, how goes, both rivals interacts with teammates…” — quotes the Baranovska WomanHit.ru.

Interestingly, the older children Baranovskaya show no interest in football. Artem is engaged in the music. He played in the children’s group “Neposedy” and recently took part in his first Opera, and not just anywhere, but in a Large theatre. Artem got the role of a cabin boy in the Opera Billy Budd English composer Benjamin Britten. And Jan dancing and also performing on concert stages in the composition of the staff of the Todes.