Exclusive: Monica Bellucci spoke about his kiss, a diamond necklace and nerves

Эксклюзив: Моника Беллуччи рассказала о своем поцелуе, бриллиантовом колье и нервах
Actress, host of the Cannes film festival, made the confession 7days.ru.

Monica Bellucci and Alex Lutz


Monica Bellucci made a splash at the Cannes film festival during the opening ceremony. Monica didn’t just called to the scene of stars, but also played a charming scene with a young French comedian Alex Lutz, capturing his lips unexpectedly passionate kiss. What was it? It turns out Monica decided to come up with this scene specifically for those filmmakers, who often refer to Actresses as easy prey and pay attention to them solely for the sake of external data.

We decided to ask Monica details her incendiary performances.

Monica, interesting you had to rehearse the kiss?

— Well, it’s part of the game. Fun and sensual. Alex is great, he is a talented actor and it quickly picked up. A moment of passion – isn’t that in the long run all the movie? It’s a dream, we all dream of a film not only creates, but also helps us to realize our dreams, isn’t it?

— You’re all prepared, even your speech? If so this is an unprecedented honor for the actress, appointed as lady-son festival…

— Of course! Because usually we Actresses just repeat like monkeys what we ordered. And so always and everywhere. (Laughs). So I said, on this occasion what I think. That we women not only machines for producing children. For that we are very definitely respected. It is an undeniable fact. (Laughs). But for the mind, soul, heart, too, would like to be respected often.

Have you ever been to the Cannes film festival, I can count. But this time, probably still worried? After all, this festival of jubilee, and you are his mistress…

— In the beginning, I really was nervous. Especially when just came on stage and began to speak. Therefore, speaking in Italian. Although not going to. But my native language gave me the confidence and the strength to continue. I speak French and English, I love these languages, but in my heart I’m Italian and nothing more never will be able to feel.

— Curiously, it turns out, you also took part in the famous David Lynch series “twin Peaks”, the sequel, or I do not know how to call. For the first time in the history of the Cannes film festival will show, present is not the movie and TV series! This is big news.

— Yes, it’s true. This is not yet seen. (Smiles). I can tell that you are a part of the series. Nothing more to say. There are Directors who can’t say no. David Lynch is one of them. And I am one of those Actresses that are not matter how much time she is on the screen. I can four years to work on the film, or only one day. Because it is a question of my passion. A passionate relationship to this point and project.

— It was difficult to choose the outfit for going out for the prestigious stage among the many offered to you?

— In fact, I very quickly made a decision. When I saw this dress from Dior, shoes from Christian Louboutin and jewelry by Cartie 10.3 carats! What’s there to think about! (Laughs). Jewelry 10 carats is nothing to think about. I had, you know, a moment of “Oh my God!” Is it not a dream? All of these things done with a passion for art, they are all works of the highest art. Of course, I had to travel and get to Canna with lots of protection. But all my team mates — they are my stronghold and we are betrayed. We are like a family. So they also helped me in this voyage and during the ceremony. I always repeat: “In the world of cinema an actor or actress is not an island in the ocean. Without the help and love people close to us, we are nothing”.