Юлия Барановская в книге об Аршавине: «Андрей говорил мне, как ему плохо» Leading openly spoke in his work about the key moments that led to separation and litigation with Andrey Arshavin. Julia remembered why made concessions to the civil husband.

      Юлия Барановская в книге об Аршавине: «Андрей говорил мне, как ему плохо»

      About two weeks ago Yulia Baranovskaya released his first book called “it gets better”. A large part of the work devoted to the life leading with the famous football player Andrey Arshavin. Presentation of the novelties was held in the framework of the Book Festival.

      According to Baranovskaya, she had no desire to paint a negative image of Arshavin in his work. She honestly described everything that happened in their life, remembering the joy of the first years of marriage and the difficulties of parting with the civil husband. Yulia Baranovskaya calls the behavior of Arshavin whims of a child

      In August 2012 the relationship of Julia and Andrew is completely wrong. The woman made several attempts to save his family. They talked a lot, tried to solve everything peacefully, but the player was already a new girlfriend, and of Yulia, in her words, he scoffed. “Endless, never-ending dialogue of the hands, lips, body… He was saying how bad he is. He said he lived his own life. He said he lived not as he used to be, not as he likes,” – says Baranovskaya night talks with Arshavin in a hotel in London.

      “We have again and again discussed the settlement agreement and the future. It’s like he was inviting me to some kind of sadistic dance. Forced one point and watched, I will send it or not. Second. Third. And I looked again. Every time I go on assignment. My lawyer a hundred times repeated: “What are you doing? What are you doing?” But I could not be stopped, apparently I had to go through more stages of humiliation, to finally be free. To experience one, then the parting difficult, he went again and again. And each time through hell,” says Baranovskaya.
      Юлия Барановская в книге об Аршавине: «Андрей говорил мне, как ему плохо»

      With Arshavin signing the settlement agreement, it is hoped that they will be able children extend a visa and to return to the UK, but the player refused to go to the Embassy and disappeared. Yulia had to go to Arshavin home.

      “Open the gate, leaves the car, driving Andrew. It turned out that he went and had to stop because I was in front. He rested at my feet and instead to go out and talk frantically locked the doors, just opened the window and began to shout: “Help. I’m Andrei Arshavin, famous footballer, I’m a fan of the wheels rushes,” writes Julia.
      Юлия Барановская в книге об Аршавине: «Андрей говорил мне, как ему плохо»

      According to Baranovskaya, Arshavin and opened the window, and only called security so they removed her off the road. “I cried and begged: “Open the window. Let’s talk. This visa is needed here. They need to go to school. They have no clothes. They have nothing to walk. It is cold, they have only summer clothes. Please.” I stood on my knees and cried,” recalls Julia.

      In a difficult moment of life, Julia helped Inna Zhirkova. She invited the mother of three children to Moscow, where Baranovskaya and stayed for a certain period of time. The woman remained in the capital instead of three days for two weeks. All these days she slept at Jerkovich on the couch in the living room, and every day she was on the phone Andrew and staged tantrums. According to women, he then began to understand what control over the situation he no longer has. Baranovskaya remembered the bitter tears of Arshavin

      In Moscow Baranovskaya met with his agent Peter by Sheksheev, who offered her a job in television. The woman did not try him in the lead, as she was most concerned with the career of Andrew than his own. But Julia decided to take a chance. “Moscow helped me. I exhaled and realized that nothing bad is happening,” says Baranovskaya.

      According to the presenter, subsequently constantly had problems with issuing permits for the travel of children abroad. Arshavin simply not signed.

      “He’s nasty again and again. Our friends had a huge estate in the ski resort, and they invited me and the children to come to visit them. That’s only needed for the visa, and this required the permission of Andrew. He refused. How can you spoil your children? It’s not I don’t have a visa, and they have, and I’ll deal with this resort, and here they go like,” – says Baranovskaya.

      Book Julia has already acquired many fans of the presenter. In Instagram star subscribers leave praise, noting that the novelty of reading, not looking up. “I read in the bout, a pleasant feeling after it”, “I Read the book in one go, loved it!”, “This book helped me, too, despite the fact that is designed for the female half of the population. Helped me to open up in terms of attitude, a new attitude, the desire to be useful, not shy away from casual Dating” – write the users of social networks.

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