Girl Arseniy Shulgin spoke about the difficult relationship with him

Девушка Арсения Шульгина рассказала о непростых отношениях с ним Anna Sheridan has shared the secret. She admitted that in the heat of quarrels might be offended at the young chosen one and even delete shared with him photos from social networks. Valerie and son Arseny Shulgin for his girlfriend even left the house.

      Девушка Арсения Шульгина рассказала о непростых отношениях с ним

      The youngest son of singer Valeria Arseniy Shulgin for several months, is having an affair with a student, Anna Sheridan. For 21-year-old beloved 17-year-old boy left home and quit school. Fortunately, relations in the family soon recovered.

      Meanwhile, the feelings of the young man and his girlfriend do not go out. On the contrary, between two people, passions. In recognition of Anna, she happen quarrel with Arseny, during which she removes, together with the pictures, what then, of course, regrets. The girl told about his emotion in Instagram.

      Environment new lover Arseniy Shulgin: “She was always conflict girl”

      “Sometimes offended, delete pictures (feminine, to be honest), and then being sorry about it, but they’re not important. Your image always in my head and heart,” wrote Anna Arseny.

      “The same situation now I have, ha ha ha, well, we’re girls, we can”, “every girl should be a little twist… In the form of madness” – supported Sheridan girlfriend.

      Meanwhile, about the explosive nature of the darling Arseniy Shulgin has long been known to its environment. According to his school mates, Anna Averyanova, which calls itself the Sheridan, often engage in a variety of disputes.

      “Anya was quite conflicted teenager. When she was in school, I always dressed provocatively, despite the fact that we had the severe form. She could come to class wearing a short skirt, and that became the reason for disputes. The girl didn’t want to listen to anyone and continued to clash with the older,” – said “StarHit” one of the graduates of schools 1290, where he studied Sheridan.

      We will remind, in the beginning of this year suddenly it became clear that Arseny Shulgin left the College of music, where he studied brilliantly. Son of Valerie left home for the sake of the beloved. However, common sense and life circumstances have forced Shulgin to return to the fold.

      “Arseniy realized that I cannot continue, moreover, he makes no money, – told the “StarHit” friends of the family. – And parents mean a lot to him, anyway. The reconciliation between him, Valeria and Joseph happened. He came back home. However, in the College of music has not yet recovered, went to secondary school. But Valeria hopes that in the future he will continue to make music. With Anya he continues to see, but much less often.

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