Оксана Федорова эффектно оголилась Russian TV presenter has pleased fans of spicy scenes. In the photograph, Oxana Fedorova showed in his microblog, the woman playfully looks up from under the mirrored glasses. Clothing emphasizes her gorgeous forms.

      Оксана Федорова эффектно оголилась

      For microblog of the Russian TV presenter watched about 100 thousand subscribers. Oksana Fedorova shares with followers the frames from charity events and pictures of son and daughter. However, one of the last photos of the stars that brought fans delight. Fedorov showed the beautiful curves of the figure.

      In the picture Oksana posing on the background of beautiful nature. At the leading, which is looking at the camera, raised his sunglasses, wearing tight jeans, hip-hugging crop top, off the lower back and shoulders. Leading members noted that it looks gorgeous. Recently, the artist rarely pleased the fans with such daring shots, as after marriage and having children she became more conservative approach to the selection of outfits.

      Recall that in 2011, the winner of the contest “Miss universe 2002” declared that became the wife of the employee of presidential administration of the Russian Federation Andrey Borodin. Leading repeatedly noted in interviews that this man she has found her female happiness. Husband supports her in everything. Most of the household chores in their family deals with Oksana. Oksana Fedorova: “Work out the impact on the husband”

      “The task of women, among other things, to be able to build a life. But I believe if you love your house, to cope with difficulties. Should be nice and warm. It is important that children and husband helped. I do many management issues, including relationships with assistants. For home decor too, I say. If you need something to radically change or finish – is the jurisdiction of Andrew,” said Fyodorov in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

      Leading the program “good night, kids” helps her husband raise three sons from his first marriage, Alexander, Ivan and Nikita, but also pays much attention to their kids, to Frank and Lisa. The heirs Borodin found a common language with the youngest in the family.

      “They love to play with kids. But honestly, the more kids with them. For example, boys are taught Fyodor to tumble. And Lisa loves it when the brothers with her walking stick around the house. She, like any girl likes to feel protected” – frankly said Fedorov.

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