Жена Глеба Клубнички хвастается результатами пластики груди Participant of “House-2” has no regrets about the operation. Olga Zhemchugova a few days ago went under the surgeon’s knife. For the sake of gaining a new body, she endures pain and some inconvenience. In social networks, the reality star tells how her recovery.

      Жена Глеба Клубнички хвастается результатами пластики груди

      Many girls in pursuit of the perfect appearance ready to make many sacrifices. One of the most common desires the beautiful half of humanity – to make the breast more and more tempting. For the sake of the girls go to plastic surgeons to physicians has improved what was given by nature.

      Fatal plastic “House-2”: the operation that brought the participants of happiness

      One of the brightest participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Olga Zhemchugova got the idea to enlarge Breasts and is not afraid to lie on the operating table. Apparently, her husband Gleb support idea of the woman. Recently Zhemchugova had undergone surgery and very happy with the new Breasts.

      “I saw her on the dressing, it is swollen, swollen, but “standing” so, beautiful. At least now “they” I had not hang. Now I can’t lift weights, tanning, exercise, baths and saunas are prohibited. And then you can remove the brace and walk in the light t-shirts, as linen is not recommended to wear after the first month, because the chest still takes the desired shape. Month through two-three I’m going to buy nice new underwear sets!” – boasted participant in the popular reality show.
      Жена Глеба Клубнички хвастается результатами пластики груди

      Now Olga punctually exposes images, with particular emphasis on the updated part of the body. Fans rejoiced for the participant “Houses-2” and expressed the opinion that it is not in vain appealed to the surgeons.

      “Get better soon and see the new selfies with cleavage. You beauty!”, “Recover soon, you’re amazing”, “Get well soon! You umnichka! Behave on the “House-2″ worthy! Best of luck to you! Great family!” – left comments followers celebrities.

      For an excellent body Zhemchugova are willing to endure all the post-op discomfort and pain. Besides, she realizes that the end result is she will be able to see only after a certain time. But Olga happy that in such a difficult time for her husband took over some of the chores – cares for his wife and looks after her little son.

      “My chest hurts, pulls. Uncomfortable to sleep (only on back, not on the side as I like). Today I only managed four hours after back surgery to sleep, if longer, the whole body numb and want to get up. The pain easier for me to tolerate sitting and standing. The result can be seen after a month when you remove the bandage. And the chest is formed within six months, but after 30 days will be beautiful,” – said Olga.

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