Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему» The star of “Crime and punishment” shared with “StarHit” experience. In the rock Opera Teona Dolnikova plays the role of Sonia Marmeladova the girl with a heavy destiny. The actress draws inspiration within yourself. In her life, too, was a major challenge.

      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»

      Teona Dolnikova was one of the originators of the musical, which has just appeared in Russia in the early 2000s. the Actress played brilliantly in the cult production of “Metro”. Later, in the image of the fatal beauty of Esmeralda Theon conquered the hearts of audiences in “Notre Dame de Paris”. Then there were the musicals “Graf Orlov”, “Pola Negri”, “Romeo and Juliet”, and everywhere Dolnikova shone in the lead roles. A new rock Opera by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Crime and punishment” in which Dolnikova plays Sonia Marmeladov, is already booming on the stage.

      The heroine Teona is going through hard times, circumstances force her to go to extremes. Dolnikova does not condemn the victim and pities her, because she herself no stranger to feelings of despair. In 2014, the actress has experienced real grief. On stage died, her fiancé, actor Nikita Bychenkov. Actress every year gathers friends for an evening in memory of the beloved. Dolnikova shared with “StarHit” how she managed to survive the most difficult moment in my life.

      You play a major role in the rock Opera “Crime and punishment”, which is in the Moscow theater musical. What is different Sonechka Marmeladova in your performance from the classical heroine of Fyodor Dostoevsky?
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»– The vision of the Director Andrei Sergeyevich Konchalovsky is such that the action of the rock Opera takes place in the nineties of the twentieth century. My Sonya has its own chip. For its audacity lies a gentle and sensitive soul. At least, my Sonia is. It was the task of the Director, so she was a little aggressive. Being totally soiled this world, what she’s doing, Sonya still managed to down his dirty. I wanted for all the rudeness and easy bydlovaty, so to speak, remained in her light. Because of its light possible, and helps Raskolnikov. Besides, if the performance is not light, it does not make sense.
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»
      You justify the actions of Sonya or condemn her?
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»I can’t in any case to condemn its heroine. If the actor does not justify his character, if he does not like is wrong, at least. So I can only Sonia pity, to sympathize with her. Because the stories are different, and not always have a choice. In this situation, unfortunately, there is no choice. Because if we compare our time and the nineties, in time, when was it composed, it’s different time periods. Now, if no money can a waitress to go to look for jobs, and then, perhaps, there were fewer options for a young girl. Was not accepted that women work. —
      Where you drew inspiration for this role?
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»– Inspiration can be drawn within itself. Because there, like in space. Within ourselves is all that is needed is such a huge an inexhaustible well, in which you can find any desired emotion.
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»
      Don’t you think that the new rock Opera a little depressed?
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»– First of all, I love all depressing. Secondly, you rightly pointed out, it’s not a musical but a rock Opera, and it’s different things. The perception of the musical is a bit light, superficial. And in fact, almost everything that is in Russia and not imported, it is musical performances. Just since 2000, the year it became fashionable to call all theatrical activity associated with music, musicals. But they are different genres. —
      Why do you think the Russian performances can not be obtained such a light as foreign, and forced to reflect on global issues of humanity?
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»– On the territory of the former Soviet Union is dominated by the Orthodox faith, and in Christianity you are cleansed through suffering. Accordingly, the mentality thus developed, that through suffering we get some kind of catharsis. And when we come to the show and watch something very deep and important that touches the heart, there is a certain passion. Our people closer. I’m definitely interested to watch something deep that affects the growth of my soul.
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»
      And in your own life now dark or light bar?
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»– I have ceased to take life, because in the dark there is light and light is dark. Does not happen prolonged dark bands. If morning happened something bad, the evening is sure to be at least a little, but good. —
      Two years ago you suffered a tragedy – the loss of a loved one, how would you advise those who were in a similar situation?
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»– Everyone deals with grief in their own way. I think it is wrong to give advice. But I realize that sufferings are for a reason. Not that you were bad or did something wrong. And to make you understand something that you did not understand before. The main thing is to take that very hard. Not to be discouraged, although it is the wrong word, I guess. Anyway, you need to live, I wouldn’t have wanted to live.
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»
      What do you radically change the image?
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»I like to change. I easily decided on a short cut. It’s not easy for her to knock, everything is much easier! To me cool! I do not regret my decision.—
      What in life do you regret, can be lazy somewhere and missed the chance or, on the contrary, such a hasty decision?
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»– Basically, I try to live so that it is better to try and regret what I did than to regret I even tried.
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»
      How do you see your life in ten years?
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»– I don’t think. Still better seen from above. I make art, thank God, otherwise I would probably have gone mad. Though every day is crazy to play on the stage of death or something, but it’s a good crazy. This is a great and difficult job, where to go, if you can’t live without it.—
      How to understand the gift in person or not, if you don’t try?
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»– Energy person can determine whether he should become an actor. Usually parents are happy if their child gets on a chair and expressively reads poetry, but this is not about what does not speak. An actor is something inside of you. The child may be completely closed, but at some moment it can grow a terrific actor.
      Теона Дольникова: «Каждый справляется с горем по-своему»
      I dream about family and children or want to fully devote himself to art?
      – At some point I probably will have children, and I dream about children. But for me, art is the air. It is all important. In different periods of life that something goes by the wayside, then goes to the first. Priorities are constantly changing.

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