Elena Borschev showed the erotic side of his personality

Елена Борщева показала эротическую сторону своей личности The star got naked for the camera. Elena borscheva took part in a photo shoot explicit content. In the picture published in the social network, the actress poses for the image of the femme fatale.

      Елена Борщева показала эротическую сторону своей личности

      Elena Borschev is one of the most brilliant comedic stars. The actress knows how and loves to laugh at himself. Maybe because the artist has no complexes that in personal life she is doing well. Elena is married to Valery Yushkevich. The couple grows two lovely children. The youngest daughter of the stars, the old, and the eldest nine years.

      However, sometimes Borshchova want to unwind and cast aside family troubles, to feel like a real raving beauty. Therefore, the actress found time in his busy schedule and participated in an erotic photo shoot. One result of this creative impulse Elena shared with fans on his page in Instagram.

      “Fooled around a little” – she signed the photo, which poses in black lingerie and sandals heels.

      “An unexpected way. Class!”, “Lenusik, in this manner you’re mega-sexy”, “Very good, Helen, very… Eye-drive”, “the Body is super… You did it!”, commented on a photo of friends and followers of the star.

      Елена Борщева показала эротическую сторону своей личности

      By the way, Elena is proud that she was able to come in such wonderful shape after having two children. Borschev is enjoying motherhood and does not exclude that not far off new pregnancy. Moreover, mothers in Russia are on the special protection of the state.

      “Two daughters are not planning to stay. Three women in the family is, now your turn son. Need to balance out that our dad was easy. Before the birth of the Minds we had the idea to build a house, the dream did not refuse, but it has been postponed. Can, happen completion, and feasible, for the third child just as the parent capital give the land,” – says Elena.

      Elena borscheva significantly changed

      We will remind, in April Borschev celebrated its 35th anniversary. Unlike many other stars, the actress does not hide his age. She threw a noisy party in one of the most prestigious restaurants of the capital. Among the guests were Catherine Skulkina, Yuri Titov, adriana, Eteri Beriashvili, Semyon Slepakov, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Safronov brothers, Mikhail Bogdasarov, Maria Romanova, Sarik Andreasyan, Dmitriy Nesterov, Anastasia Grebenkina, group Selection and others. Many friends Borshchova put on funny ears and colorful hat. In this way they danced and had fun almost until morning.

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