Юлия Барановская столкнулась с трудностями во время переезда The presenter finally moved into a new apartment. On the page in the social network she posted the photo, in the caption to which stated that finally her family managed to settle in the home. The TV star admits that the move is exhausting and even forces some time to live in difficult conditions, but, apparently, Baranovskaya it does not bother.

      Recently TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya became the owner of your own living space. To celebrities had to rent an apartment where she was staying along with three of DELMIA. But thanks to the efforts of friends of the celebrity, she was able to find an option that it was completely staged. Julia had carefully planned the design of the housing and didn’t want to rush with the move. She even asked for help in “Perfect repair” on the First channel, which helped her with the arrangement of the living room. The woman was overjoyed by the result and said that now will want to go in the house all weekend. While Baranovskaya took the time to transport other things for the last few months she continued to live in a rented apartment.

      Yulia Baranovskaya with the chic arranged the living room in a new apartment

      Now in his microblog Julia has shared with followers the good news. A deep night from Friday to Saturday, the presenter published a post in Instagram, writing that her whole house is lined with boxes of furniture and interior. It turned out that the movers had mixed up some things, so Baranovskaya even couldn’t feed the heirs. The family of the stars had supper in unusual conditions for themselves.

      “I am very tired, but happy, that and all of you, my dear, I wish. Children at dinner, eating dumplings from a bowl, but the hands, the movers mixed up all the boxes, until able to find a ladle and a bowl. But bellow the whole night,” – wrote in the microblog Julia.

      It seems that no Baranovskaya, no kids is not embarrassed by this situation. It is obvious that the heirs of Julia trying to support her and not trying to Express dissatisfaction with the resulting inconvenience. Some followers were surprised by the story of the presenter. They asked his favorite, did she still take things apart and find everything you need. Some commentators asked who would help the woman in the continuation of the repairs. Nullis even those who have offered their services on a free basis.

      By the way, while Julia remains optimistic and tries to laugh it off in the comments to the post in Instagram. So, congratulations to the couple from Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova Mary star responded that waiting for a friend to visit. “Come over tonight, sit on the boxes, champagne at the bar,” wrote Baranovskaya. Obviously, the woman will need a few days to deal with all perevezennya boxes.

      I must say that most of the subscribers celebrities congratulated her housewarming and wished happiness and good health. Yulia is trying to do everything at once, so kids are not bored, she decided to go along with them to the cinema and watch a cartoon. But the preparation for publication was not so quick, in fact, according to Baranovskaya, she had to spend all morning in search of suitable clothing. Fans, reading such statements leading more actively offer their help.

      “That’s great! Together with the children to dismantle the box and to create a cosiness!”, “Happy for you, Julia, you have no idea how we in the depths of love and rejoice in your successes. Would’ve been there, helped, than could”, “If you need help, please! You alone with three children to those involved, it’s unthinkable!” – expressed the opinion followers.